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  • Funktron - They Need To Bring This Gem Back To Market----It's Terrific!

    Super durable, super versatile, easy to store and infinitely useful----it's astounding to me that these are no longer being sold new. It's one of the best devices for your home----it just does so many things and takes up so little space. It's a little heavier than you might think, but it's sturdy and well built----and at times, you pay the price for that by having something that's heavy. The materials are steel and the wheels are some sort of hard composite plastic that are impossible to kill. You can use them on rough surfaces and they hold up nicely. Some of the design is a little clunky and takes getting used to----but this is because it's one item that does 4 things----so the trade off is that converting from one function to the other takes a little getting used to. Practice with it and start using it and then it becomes second nature. Honestly, "Little Giant" or "Gorilla" or some other company should bring this back. It's so worth it.

  • Lauren - Gave me energy, stopped bloating, and cleared my skin

    This stuff is amazing. Take a shot of it with fresh lemon juice and you can hardly taste it. I cant wait to take it everyday because I feel better IMMEDIATELY after taking it. I have lent a cup or so to my friends to try and we are all obsessed. Gives us energy, focus, and less discomfort throughout day.

  • M. K. Mcgregor - Good software. Does the job and makes each following year that much easier

    People complain about this software a lot, but I have had not problems using it to do 1040 long with Sched A and State taxes. I love the way it moves all last years information forward. Then each page shows entries for stuff I did last year and gives me a chance to put numbers in for the same thing; like donations to United Way or Compassion International. Then I can remember that I don't have the 1099 or donation form and can go find it. That's handy for a memory like mine. You simply follow the wizard basically and taxes are done for me in about 45 minutes. Maybe with one or two 10 minute re-visits for things that I missed or had questions about. I like this software. So far it has not had a problem for me. The only thing I had an issue with was entering some stock info that was converted to a new buyout company. Expressing that in the software since the source of the stock mattered when it was gifted. Other than that each year I actually don't mind taxes. Yes you do have to pay for state electronic submission. Oh well. So assume the software is $20 more than advertised. If it's so much a burden for the $20, then print and mail. But people cry that their ripping me off. What??? It only costs $30 on Amazon typically. People and expectations.

  • Anita Bruce - Innovo made another great product

    Thanks to Innovo Groups and AMZ Review Trader for the opportunity in trying this product for free. I have been wanting one of these The Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer for quite awhile now. Since having the product I have had to use it several times. Household full of sick kids and husband. The direction for use is very good and easy to read. the use of it is absolutely amazing and accurate. And it is easy to use on yourself when mommies becomes sick. The price is reasonable and is available at your local drugstore or online. I would highly recommend this product to my friends and family. It is easy to use and washable too. Compare to the regular thermometer on the market this is way simplier to use and read.

  • Lynn A. Petersen - Doesn't work very well

    This is supposed to work with Mac but found out it won't print greeting cards, back to back. I've contacted the business many times to get the issued resolved. The ideas they had have not worked. Very disappointed with the program. I've checked, on the internet, for solutions and other people have mentioned the same problem.

  • Amazon Customer - The taste wasnt bad. But it causes aweful stomach ache a couple ...

    The taste wasnt bad. But it causes aweful stomach ache a couple hours after you drink it. Plan to be near a bathroom after about 3 hours. Also, i did not pass the drug test and i quit smoking 4 days before. Cant say I would purchase again.