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  • G. Luker - A front runner in a healthy digestive system

    I bought this because I have Candida and I heard the Gaps diet would eliminate it, (will see). Even if it doesn't help me eliminate my Candida it is a facinating book! I will never use regular salt anymore and many other tips such as why organic food is the way to go. She is a brilliant Scientist and her research is impectable!! a healthy stomach equals a healthy person!!!!!!!

  • Georgina Mathewson - skin

    I look much younger using this product. It is not greasy it does not clog your pores I would recommend this product fo all

  • Tisha1 - Day One

    My cb-1 came in the mail on saturday, i didnt take a pill that day. its Sunday and i got up to get ready for work, took a cb-1 (and a maca root). i drove to work but stopped at mcdonalds before( this is only a 10 min commute). i could barely eat a 6 piece chicken nugget meal from mcdonalds! I sat at my desk and began eatting. i reached for a chicken nugget and realize i had ate them all!Then i realize that i am not yet full! im sure i could eat another 4 nuggets if i tried.

  • Daniel Morgan - Spit It Out

    Oral rinse works great when you have to take a lot of medications. Dry mouth can devastate tooth enamel so if you take prescription drugs that cause dry mouth or pretty much any antidepressant definitely order the oral rinse and gum. Arrived a little slow but in good packaging. Biotene is the best for dry mouth.