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  • Autumnreign1967 - It is making my mascara work better!

    I have been using this oil for my eyelashes each night. My lashes feel and look healthier and it seems they are getting longer. My mascara goes on better in the mornings and make my lashes way more thicker and longer than they were when I wasn't using the oil. It is like it enhances my mascara. I have a thinner row of lashes on my upper right eyelids outer corner. I am hoping it will fill in a little better. I accidentally pulled out some lashes a while back and they just haven't grown back in as thick as they were. This oil is very thick and goes on evenly and doesn't burn or irritate my eye at all. I am very happy with is and so glad it is organic. I am just beginning to discover all the uses castor oil has. It think it is a winner.

  • Barbara Houston - Easy To Save Money

    I have been using Quick Books for 17 years doing my payroll and then giving my information to the CPA to do my taxes. I didn't know how easy it was to do monthly and quarterly taxes until I call Intuit about a problem I was having,thanks to Quick Books

  • Krista B. - The BEST Callus Remover Offered.

    This is just awesome! I wanted one similar to this for Christmas and this one beats it hands down. It is simple to use and really gets the job done quickly. I have used with both dry and wet heels and it works without hurting. This Toilet Tree Callus Remover has a replacement grinding head with a flexible neck allowing you to get to those rough hard to reach spots. I am handing down my Amope to my grand daughter and keeping this one for myself.

  • Christopher Robin - Good product. Beware of shipping process!!

    Good product. Works. Does what it says. I think, though, that both the FedEx delivery guy and I would encourage a rethinking of the packing process. All arrived in leaky, gooy, oily mess. But, the bottle wasn't too empty so it must stop cardboard box leaks as well!

  • kimberly - Worth the money!

    A little stuff up front but still rides nice and makes the truck look Damn good!! Easy install, did it myself in my driveway without issue.

  • blackbutterfly - So far so good!

    I just recently download the software and began studying RIGHT away! It definitely is designed to help simulate what test day will be like. I am not going into test blindsided. THANK YOU CRACK THE DAT TEAM!