Healthcare Analytics Company | Verscend - We are transforming the business of healthcare by providing data services, analytics, and advanced technologies that answer complex challenges.

  • Healthcare Analytics Company | Markets - Verscend delivers integrated solutions that help payers, employers and providers leverage healthcare data and address the most pressing business needs.
  • Healthcare Analytics Solutions - Verscend offers solutions to reduce risk, improve accuracy, optimize revenue and elevate performance, from health management to risk adjustment.
  • Healthcare Analytics Company Careers - Learn more about the career opportunities at Verisk Health, an industry-leading software solution helping payers, employers and providers solve complex problems.
  • About Healthcare Analytics Company - Verscend is an industry-leading analytics solution that helps payers, employers and providers to solve complex problems with measurable results.
  • Healthcare Analytics News and Events - Learn more about the news and events of Verscend, an industry-leading software solution helping payers, employers and providers solve complex problems.
  • Healthcare Analytics Client Portal - The client center provides access to all of your Verscend resources and solutions.
  • Population Health Analytics - Identify and stratify population health at the group or individual levels with this highly scalable, easy to use, web-based solution.
  • Medical Claim Editing Solution - Claim Accuracy combines 17 million open sourced edits and a next-generation technology platform with expert human review to stop outlier claims prior to payment.
  • Healthcare Fraud Detection - Our fraud detection solution bundles provider profiling, predictive modeling, case tracking and Special Investigation Unit (SIU) services for total protection from medical FWA.
  • Medicare Risk Adjustment - Identify and close gaps in quality and care while reducing expenses and improving medicare risk adjustments.
  • Commercial Risk Adjustment - We help health plans evaluate risk and opportunity within health insurance marketplaces.
  • Healthcare Quality Intelligence - Quality Intelligence is our software for measuring, reporting, and improving HEDIS® compliance. Using Quality Intelligence, health plans can determine what drives changes in HEDIS® and other quality metrics with the greatest transparency and flexibility.
  • Record Retrieval - A key factor to the success of any plan’s Medicare Advantage services includes audit, documentation, coding and quality assurance for undocumented HCCs within targeted medical records.
  • Record Abstraction - We provide thorough record coding and abstraction services to ensure that all appropriate diagnoses are identified and documented in preparation for CMS submission.
  • Healthcare Analytics Solutions for Employers - Verisk Health provides employers, brokers and consultants with analytic solutions that have the greatest impact on workforce health and productivity.
  • Healthcare Analytics Solutions for Payers - Verscend provides business solutions to both public and private payers, including managing medical costs, preventing fraud and increasing revenue.
  • Healthcare Analytics Solutions for Provider Markets - Verisk Health’s solutions enable ACOs, hospitals, medical groups, and other providers to understand population health, improve quality, and drive revenue.
  • Healthcare Analytics Solutions for Life Insurance and Legal Providers - Verscend provides civil litigation support to attorneys requiring fast and efficient retrieval and workflow management of all case documents, including medical records.

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    Much easier to install than I expected. I had both installed within 15 minutes from the time I opened the box.

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