Urology in Glendale, Goodyear, Phoenix, Buckeye AZ | Valley Urologic Associates | Serving Phoenix, Arrowhead, West Valley for over 10 years - Valley Urologic Associates, with Urologists in Goodyear at West Valley, Glendale at Arrowhead, and Phoenix at Paradise Valley, is the iconic urology group of Drs. Shawn D. Blick MD, Jonathan Agins MD, Vi Hua MD , Rahul Thaly MD, Lynn Blunt MD, Torre Rhoades MD, Lipika McCauley MD, and Ben Donovan MD, our pediatric urologist. Our urologists combine extensive experience and the latest technological advances in addressing urological concerns. Our urologists and staff partner with patients in the treatment of adult and pediatric urological disease. We strive to offer treatment that is state of the art with compassion and sensitivity. Our urologists are trained at the World's foremost institutions and are adept in all areas of urology, including Fellowship Trained specialization to address specific areas of urology such as da Vinci robotic surgery, urologic oncology, and pediatric urology.

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