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  • Bonnie Sneed - Best smoothing product

    If you have thick, coarse hair, then this product is for you. This smoothing cream does exactly what it says..."smooths". Have used this for the last five years and can't get enough of it. Great!

  • tcbutler - Good Read

    I enjoyed this whole series. We saw how each character grew. I would love to read some more about them in the future.

  • S. Taylor - I'm puzzled

    I am puzzled. I ordered this and true to form as another evaluation promised, the company updated it to the 2014 version

  • Bico - Nice Idea but the Reading are Inaccurate

    Nice idea but not accurate or consistent in readings. I purchased this meter because I liked the idea of automatically adding readings to my phone. After taking a number of reading with this meters and two others for comparison, I end up throwing the meter and strips away. Roughly 60 to 70% were reasonable, 10-20% were completely unreasonable (readings in the low double digits or about 400), but remainder were reading that were off by 50-100. The second reason I can't recommend this meter is that when taking a second reading after the not obviously off readings I would get drastically different results sometimes going from high to low but still not accurate. The strips are reasonable priced but if you have to use 2-3 each time to be confident in the reading that cost savings goes away.

  • hinterland - Nice but missing hardware

    Day one, it arrived in a box that was not wide enough to keep the petal cranks inside. The fork tubes were wrapped in cardboard but it wasn't enough to keep them from getting scratched. Nothing major. The hardware bag did not have the correct bolts. To attach the pillow blocks that hold the wheel bearings, you need four bolts (of the same kind) 4 nuts, and maybe four washers. Three of the correct size bolts arrived along with a smaller diameter bolt of a different style, Four nylon nuts were of good quality but only 3 washers (they call them shims). Luckily I had a 1/4-20 lag bolt with nuts to complete the build. The seat was just loose in the box for shipping.

  • Shannon Hellstern - Cheap Pillow

    This didn't hold its shape for long, at all. Very disappointed in the quality. It is very flat only after a month of use.

  • AMDD - Nice savings

    Amazon provided a nice price break from the Autodesk site. AutocadLT is a nice product if you don't use the 3D part of CAD. Does a great job in the 2D production & design world.