Urocit-K (potassium citrate), Kidney Stone Treatment - Ask your doctor about Urocit-K (potassium citrate), a prescription drug that helps reduce the formation of kidney stones by making urine less acidic

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  • Amazon Customer - I hate the process of returning something online so I ended ...

    The item didn't work! I hate the process of returning something online so I ended up keeping it. My poor daughter keeps pushing the buttons thinking it would work

  • Rwilliams - ?? Wait! What?? Starship Troopers is better? No way!!!!

    Don't even bother if you already have low expectations. Poorly produced/ edited and overstocked with enough tropes for six films, this highlights another example of Hollywood attempting to recreate the sense of awe when enjoying the original or the first film which inspired it's sequel. This film moves at such a fast pace that it prevents the secondary characters from the first film and newly introduce characters very little time for development or memorable moments. I for one can enjoy films for their entertainment value (popcorn flick) and their production (script, casting, effects, music, ect.) value & in my opinion this film lacks either. If you're craving an action film involving earthlings that take on an invading army of highly advanced and/or dominating aliens, stick with "Battle: Los Angeles", "Battleship", or even "Starship Troopers". I am so glad that I did not watch this in the theater or purchase this film. I just felt like these decent actors were duped with false promises or lured with an overinflated paycheck. Budget:$165 mil, U.S. Box Office:$103 mil,... need I say more?

  • Fran - A Tale of Two Brothers

    In the early 20th Century, circus popularity was in its heyday. Bounty hunters known as freak hunters scoured the country including the backwoods looking for "curiosities" to transform into side show attractions. In 1899, George and Willie Muse, 9 years and 6 years respectively were working from daylight to dusk removing bugs from tobacco leaves in Truevine,Virginia. The Muse family were sharecroppers on a tobacco farm in the Jim Crow South. Enter Candy Shelton, bounty hunter. George and Willie, black albino brothers living in poverty, were kidnapped and spent years as side show attractions.

  • T RE - Quality Product depends on your level of pain relief and injury for it to work, everyone should at least try it!

    I bought this because of the reviews and the option to return it. I used it everyday on my upper back and shoulders. I feel like it may have helped but just a little. Based on my amount of pain it may not have been the best product for me personally but for others, like my friend at work with foot pain form gout tried it and he absolutely loved it and bought it right away. I guess it just depends on what ailment you have and the degree of pain relief you need. I would recommend it to anyone, but as for me I needed something stronger, but overall a good smelling, quality product.

  • Twilight - Removed Most Important Feature

    I have been a loyal user of Quicken since 1994 and upgraded whenever each new version was released. This is the first time that I have returned the product. One of the features that I use every day is the Cash Flow center in the Planning tab. This has been removed. It is completely incomprehensible to me why they would remove this feature. At a glance, it completely encapsulated my cash flow for the month, both graphically and numerically. Their new "Projected Balances" feature is completely inferior. When I checked out the Quicken forums to find out where it had been hidden, my worst fears were confirmed about its removal. There was discussion about Quicken attempting to simply the product, but I don't understand why they have to remove features for the savvy user. My fear is that this feature is gone for good and I will be stuck with Quicken 2010 until they no longer support it!