Welcome to Upper Mount Bethel Township - Northampton County, Pennsylvania - Upper Mount Bethel is a township in Northampton County, Pennsylvania and is located in the Lehigh Valley region of the state. It is part of Pennsylvania's Slate Belt.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • F. Giles - First, they should learn to write sentences!

    This book falls into the category of professors who know the material, but just can't communicate it. I can tell it was written on a schedule...sloppy wording, confusing definitions, and unintuitive examples and explanations. This information isn't that tough to understand...poor writing makes it so.

  • G. Hayden - I have used this software for 15 years, and it has gotten steadily gotten worse, I Hate this product and want different product

    I used to like how quicken was fairly easy to use. Not anymore. they are upgrading features without working the bugs out of the software to make sure everything works correctly! I upgraded from quicken 2010 rental property manager to 2013 rental property manager. memorized transactions do not work and I lost data. Of course when you need help you have to search for a phone number, that once you call you wait in que for a long time, only to be directed to India and trying to understand a foreign dialect, who is not even a level 1 trainee. Broken promises for returned calls, lack of knowledge, NO USA SUPPORT. NO RETURN CALLS, I CURRENTLY HAVE 3 INCIDENT NUMBERS AND WAS WAITING FOR A RETURN CALL TODAY FROM SUPPORT THAT OF COURSE NEVER CAME. I am looking for another software vendor, Intuit has really gone downhill

  • heather n. blonkenfeld - It's a simple little luxury to enjoy twice a day

    I rarely leave reviews. Is this my first. But my entire family loves this floss. It's a simple little luxury to enjoy twice a day. Seriously.

  • V. R. Padgett - What is Obama's Dream?

    Dinesh D'Souza has grounds to understand Obama. They were born in the same year, both went to Ivy League schools, were married in the same year, arrived on the American mainland at age 17, and have the same skin color.

  • Cyd G. Shaw - Great guide

    Everyone we met on the trip was referring to their Rick Steve's guide! His information is great! Our tour guides were all listed and were awesome, as well as one of our hotels. We used his walking tours to cover areas we did on our own....all the info was up to date and accurate. I highly recommend his travel guides!

  • Coco - VacuVin

    Works very well but directions are not useful. I went to utube to find a video demo which was helpful. Tips include wet the rubber stopper first before inserting in bottle. Then set the pump on top of the stopper and start pumping. It can take 10-15 pumps to get to the clicking sound. The more wine left in the bottle the less pumps.

  • Fahrija - This is not the same cream... small ...

    This is not the same cream... small try out originaly ordered from Murad was more beig color and efective and creamy, yours is just simple random cream i have no efect or diferences at all.. first of all is not the same cream i have try-out package, I have before in small original package. i don't know what is this in this bottle... just random lotion. crap