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  • Glenda Lynne - Worth the effort

    I thought I would never finish this book. It seemed such a slow read, because several of the essays did not engage my interest, and being a bit OCD, I refused to skim through them. Eventually though, I found essays that pulled me into their world and made me want to read much, much more from their authors. I particularly loved "The Book of Knowledge" by Steven Harvey, "El Camino Doloroso" by David Siercy, and "Epilogue: Deadkidistan" by Michelle Mirsky, which were the last three essays in the collection, and I added 9 authors' names to my ever-growing list of people to read before I die, so loving 9 essays out of 26 enough to read more of their work, made the journey worthwhile.

  • heather prokop - Don't waste your money

    Purchased and installed 3 years ago. 2 blown valves in first couple of months! Yesterday when it was 17 degrees outside it completely stopped working. 3 years old and whole unit needs to be replaced. After originally spending 10k installing unit, I now have to spend another 2k to have replacement unit installed because the company doesn't cover labor on a 3 year young manufacturer defective unit!?! What a waste!

  • Flea Diva - Disappointed...Decreased Quality this year!

    I have been using this calendar for years and this year it is definitely not as nice as in prior years, plus they removed the bonus "Daily Extra" on the back.

  • Carolyn Scanniello - A disappointing update

    Very disappointing. A rehash of earlier guide with only 2 new tests that do not accurately reflect the math from those 2 test dates.

  • Amazon Customer - I just don't know how they've done it?

    the battery pack is compact & light, you can easily slip in your pocket or your bag. the LCD display is also a nice touch,that way you don't have to guess whether you have 1% or 25% of power left(like the others with only LED lights) I'm not so sure about the ten charges 'cause I only got six & half of my moto nexus 6(maybe it's due to the fact that I have a larger battery?) It's LCD display also comes with the feature that tells you whether your device is charging 1A or 2.1A which is really neat! I especially like the sleek design with the two flashlights, it does come handy when you need them. I try to charge 3 devices at the same time and it all work-out just fine. Believe me for the price you really can't get it anywhere, I just don't know how they've done it?

  • Ankush Sharma - Great Book with all in one info

    I ordered the book for my wife who found it very helpful. She is a Financial Analyst and wanted an excel book for reference. Its a thick book with a lot of info. For advanced skills she bought the Learn Excel 2010 Expert Skills with The Smart Method: Courseware by Mike Smart.