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  • http://www.unicharts.com/electronic-medical-records/about/about_company.html UnisonCare Corporation - Developers of Healthcare and Productivity Software Solutions - UnisonCare Corporation is a developer of industry-compliant browser-based software solutions for healthcare and banking industry.
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    It's okay, I mean it leaves your hair looking shinier. The smell is very nice and your hair is soft when you wash it out. Only problem is I have extremely dry hair and my hair still feels very dry once it's fully dried. I don't notice a difference in the texture of my hair since this is a repair mask.

  • tammy marie hall - I was so disappointed in this product

    I was so disappointed in this product. It worked nothing like the commercial portrayed and the equipment was faulty. I'm sending it back.

  • Pete X - Great streaming unit

    Great streaming device and I'm sure that it will be better as I learn to use it and add different sources for streaming media. While it is not completely plug and play, a little homework will have its rewards. I have told several friends and coworkers and I'm sure that they will be getting this box soon. I have 2 Rokus, and with this, cutting off cable and satellite companies should be easier. As for me,it has been 3 years that I stopped my directv service. The money that I have saved is quite alot, let's say at least 4K. Look at utube videos and support videos and its not hard to get this unit into full gear. For many people, one month's cable bill will buy this unit. Try it, you just might be tempted to cut off your overpriced tv service.

  • Joseph Marshall - I purchased this program mainly for Nero BackItUp. When ...

    I purchased this program mainly for Nero BackItUp. When I tried to program scheduled backups, I was told that I had to purchase a subscription. Communication with Nero Support confirmed that, although I purchased a 'suite', a subscription to BackItUp is separate. I have received no answer when I pointed out that this information is not shared in their product advertizing. I would not have purchased this product had I known that I was going to be 'baited and switched' with Nero BackItUp.

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    I can confirm that this is the ONLY HDMI Hight Speed cable that works with 4K resolution at 60Hz with full 4:4:4 chroma. I have a Panasonic CX700 UHD TV combined with a GTX 960 GPU ( HDMI 2 output) and when connected using this cable both the 6 feet and 10 feet AMAZON HDMI cable works like a charm.

  • Dmytro - Learn the difference between the models

    I would have bought the 780 one if iRobot have clearly stated what lighthouses are for. It would be better if they would describe what models are better for what appartment size/bedroom number.