Ultima Medical Services Inc. - Ultima Medical Services Inc. (UMS) is an occupational health service organization, providing an extensive range of effective Corporate Health and Disability Management services for a wide range of workplace environments.

  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/safety-sensitive-certification Safety Sensitive Certification - Ultima provides Aeromedical, Maritime and Offshore Certification for Canadian, FAA and Ministry of Transport safety certifications.We also provide periodic health assessments for organizations based on specific assessments.Ultima has Certified (AAMRO) Medical Review Officers who are experienced in all facets of Drug & Alcohol Testing in the Aviation, Marine, Rail and Trucking Industries. Ultima’s Physician provides Transport Canada , FAA & DOT/NON-DOT Certification to thousands of clients ev
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/safety-sensitive-certification/aviation-pilot-medical Aviation Pilot Medicals - Ultima Medical Services Inc. has certified (CAME) Civil Aviation Medical Examiners who provide Aeromedical Certification for both Canadian and FAA designations. We also provide periodic health assessments for organizations based on specific assessments.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/safety-sensitive-certification/marine-medical-exams Marine Seafarer's Medical - Ultima Medical Services Inc. can provide Marine Seafarer's Certification and periodic health assessments for organizations based on specific assessments and are experienced in all facets of Drug & Alcohol Testing in the Marine industry.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/safety-sensitive-certification/offshore-medical-exams Offshore Medical Exams - Ultima Medical Services Inc. can provide Offshore Medical exams and periodic health assessments for organizations based on employer specific requirements and are experienced in all facets of Substance Abuse screening as it relates to the Offshore industry.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/Pre-Employment-Medicals Pre-Employment Medicals - Ultima provides vital medical and physical information required in order to determine an employee’s ability to safely work in particular fields. Ultima’s standards and testing protocols adhered to when coordinating and conducting reviews of an applicant’s medical and physical testing are extremely thorough and detailed. Ultima also performs substance abuse screening for organizations to ensure the overall safety of both the employee and employer.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/safety-sensitive-certification/fire-fighter-medical Firefighter Medical - Ultima provides Firefighter Fit for Duty medicals at both the pre-employment level as well as a periodic medical to ensure firefighters meet the critical demands listed in the NFPA guidelines as required.We also provide periodic health assessments for organizations based on specific assessments.Ultima has Certified (AAMRO) Medical Review Officers who are experienced in all facets of Drug & Alcohol Testing in the Aviation, Marine, Rail and Trucking Industries. Ultima’s Physician provides Tran
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/disability-management/disability-management-audits Disability Management Audits - The Workplace Disability Management Assessment® (WDMA®) are highly calibrated, reliable and weighted tools used for benchmarking an organization's disability management program.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/return-to-work-services/acute-medical-intervention-program Acute Medical Intervention Program - Obtaining an 'objective' snapshot of an injured worker's functional capabilities and restrictions is paramount in the development of an early, suitable and sustainable return to work plan.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/health-and-safety-services Health and Safety Services - Health and Safety of any organization is fundamental to its success.Ultima is a leader in developing quality safety management systems that meet and exceed all of the requirements of the WorkSafe Partners COR Program.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/health-and-safety-services/bullying---harassment Bullying & Harassment Training - Bullying and Harassment is an occupational health and safety issue that poses signifigant risk to the physical and mental health and safety of Workers in the workplace.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/disability-management/cor-certification COR Certification - The Certificate of Recognition (COR) recognizes and rewards employers who go beyond the legal requirements of the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation by taking a best practices approach to implementing health, safety, and return-to-work (RTW) management systems.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/occupational-health-services/health-and-fitness-appraisals-hfa Health and Fitness Appraisals (HFA) - Ultima Medical Health & Fitness Appraisal (HFA) is designed to detect any health and/or fitness conditions at the earliest stage and direct the Employee to appropriate medical care.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/health-risk-assessments Health Risk Assessments - Ultima Medical offers a comprehensive personal wellness health risk questionnaire which allows employers to provide a preventive health program, to aid the participant in understanding possible susceptibilities as a result of their current level of health and fitness.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/Pre-Employment-Medicals/drug-alcohol-screening Drug and Alcohol Screening - The topic of workplace drug screening remains an enigma for many employers who remain unclear as to the current policy and legislation regarding workplace drug screening. Ultima develops, implements and monitors the Urine Drug and Alcohol testing Program as per the companies needs in Canada and around the world. We provide DOT & NON-DOT Urine Drug Testing.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/occupational-health-services/executive-medical-program Executive Medicals - Ultima's Executive Medical program was designed to serve as a thorough preventative health assessment that evaluates and examines your current health risks.
  • http://www.ultimamedical.com/contact-us Contact Us - Please contact us using the following address and phone information for our locations throughout British Columbia.

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  • Hale - The taste is not good

    The taste of these is awful. They are greasy and coat your mouth when you attempt to chew them. Off taste.

  • Jackal - Super High Quality & Functional Wall Mount

    OK - at first I was very skeptical to purchase a very inexpensive $25 wall mount for my 40" LCD Samsung tv set since most people used it on a 32" LCD or smaller set. However, this wall mount FAR EXCEEDED my expectations and rivals $200 wall mounts in terms of functionality and pars $125+ wall mounts in terms of construction quality. I am an intermediate to advanced level DIY-er, but don't work with my hands for a living, and managed to get this mount installed perfectly. One person can do most of the installation, but once you are ready to mount the LCD, you will need some assistance holding it up and positioning the LCD in place (I used an empty box with a pillow help raise the set, and my wife's help to position it in place). My LCD is located in the corner of my living room over a fire place. Given the fact the LCD is at a high location, I wanted a mount that not only can be positioned to rotate left and right, I wanted it to be TILTED downward towards the viewers/ sofa couches. This mount has more features than many others out there(my friend paid $180 for his mount at a retail store and doesn't have all the adjusting options). If you know what you're doing, you will have no problem with this mount. It even allows 'some' degree of user error by letting you rotate the LCD clockwise and/or counter clockwise from a standing position in case you did not use a leveler or measure properly. All necessary screws, bolts and instructions were included for my set.

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    If you are slightly caffeine sensitive this will keep you up for days straight. I couldn't focus my mind or my vision on anything. But that's probably just an effect that it will have on very few people like me.

  • Sage User - Sage is cornering us

    Sage has changed their system. like one of the other users said earlier they want you to pay every year for the tax table. you used to be able to go in and do it manually but now you have to get it from them. They now incorporated it all together so you will have to pay around 700-1000.00 a year for the updates otherwise it is useless. Not a good program for a small starting company. stay away.