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  • DeannaMary - A Book with Class

    Crown Publishing recently furbished a complementary copy of Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 by Charles Murray in exchange for an honest book review. Murray takes a look using statistics at what has become of new upper class and the new lower class. It is not our imaginations that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer; I am not referring just to economics. The new class divisions are shaping American culture without a shadow of a doubt. The striking polarity between the new upper class and new lower class is blatantly clear and increasingly further apart.

  • Kira - I'd recommend them if you're looking for a little more energy ...

    I tried the whole Thrive package (pills, patches, and shakes) for about a month, the only part that I really felt worked was these supplements.

  • Scott - Get back your Independence!!!

    I am a hands on guy who can do almost anything. While working on my house, I fell off a 6' ladder and had a severe fracture of my left heal. (long story) I was using conventional crutches to get around but is was terrible. The upper pads were rubbing so much into my skin that it was causing a bad rash. The worst thing is that I couldn't do hardly anything. Try carrying a cup of coffee while walking with crutches. I was getting so upset that my wife had to do almost everything for me. I started to look online for other options and came across this devise. I watched the video and then I couldn't take out my credit card fast enough. The shipping was very fast and after I set it up for my left leg, I was up and walking around like there was no tomorrow. I did over do it the first day and I didn't let my left leg get used to it because the next day, my left thigh was burning. (well i haven't been using it for almost 3 weeks) That only lasted a couple of days. Now I'm doing everything that I used to do before my accident and I have my independence back. I can mow the yard, work in the garage, I have even been up on a ladder to get the Christmas decorations down. (don't tell my wife) and to top it off, the wife and I even went dancing 2 nights ago.

  • saintbrandi - This is shoots really good and pretty far.

    This is shoots really good and pretty far. What I didn't understand when I bought it was that you have to reload after every bullet shot. It's a cheaper, smaller Nerf gun, so you kind of get what you pay for in that area. It does shoot really good though.

  • Chris DIYer - Been using Kaspersky for over six years...what does that tell you?

    Got it in the CD version...just the Key Code. Installed on my three computers. Totally easy. For less than $31 for three computers...totally worth it. I also run Adblock Plus. So no pesky ads and other crap coming through. Never EVER had an issue with this software. One time I tried McAffee...totally slowed down everything. Terrible.

  • Mark C - There is a speed control for the lights changing pretty nice light and no more putting holes in your ...

    I got the laser Christmas light in today it is a will made light with a very long cord. there are two colors red and green and when its on the colors are very sharp and crisp looking and cover a wide area. Its water proof so the weather will not be a issues it has a remote with red button a Green button and blue but the blue dose nothing since this light only has two colors. There is a speed control for the lights changing pretty nice light and no more putting holes in your house to hang light. its will worth the money I was lucky enough to get this at a discounted rate in exchange for my fair and honest review and I truly think I’ve done that. I feel like I’ve been able to be completely unbiased and have no obligation to give an opinion other than that of my own. While my review of this has been overall very positive it’s not due to that discount in any way, I’ve been very impressed with this

  • ladyP - Gabriel's Regret

    Words can never exp!ain how you feel after reading about these Medlov men. My,my,my, Mrs. Latrivia Welch never disappoints when it comes to them. All I have to say is THANK YOU because I really look forward to all there stories, and just to throw this out there THANK YOU ALSO FOR YOUR PRICING. Some people love to read and cannot afford to spend a big some of money on books, not saying that the book is not worth it or the author, but sometimes it's just not possible to buy even if you really like the book and the author.... So thank you again for your consideration of your pricing, because believe it or not that helps and you still give a great book with great quality. Be blessed.