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  • R S of Southern California - Men hair removal product. Wish they still sold it in CVS. ONly online until gone.

    Purchased this from CVS twice. Once in this package and once in a slim container. Works very well. Tried it first a few years back. Removed a lot of excess hair. Depending on how coarse hair is it may take 2-3 times to remove hair. Better if shave first then perhaps use it or use it in quantity for coarser hair. Bought it again to remove leg hair and limit growth. Not too bad. One use last a few weeks. Hair will grow back but keeps hair growth slower once used. Been 2 weeks and hair is coming back gradually.

  • jmn12 - This stuff really works!

    I'd been suffering from tonsil stones ever since a bad case of tonsillitis in 2009. No matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of them and they ALWAYS came back. They made my breath smell absolutely awful, and to prevent them from getting too bad I started getting into the routine of checking for tonsil stones and forcing them out every morning, which was annoying as well as painful at times. I finally tried Therabreath after reading all these reviews in a last ditch effort, and seriously guys, I'm AMAZED at the results! It's been about a month since I started, and I have had barely any tonsil stones whatsoever. There are a few teeny tiny ones that dislodge themselves every once in awhile, but unlike before, the smell has been completely neutralized and my breath isn't affected. This product is excellent! I only use it once a day and use far less than what is recommended on the bottle and it still works great for me. I honestly thought I was going to have my tonsils taken out in order for this problem to go away, so I am extremely excited that this a solution that works! Highly recommended, try it!!

  • Joe Tesla Kennedy - ACT! 2010 by Sage Falls Short of Expected Performance

    ACT! has always been a great concept, but I had not used it in a number of years, so I purchased ACT! 2010 much cheaper than ACT! 2011 is going for. When it works, it works great, but the problem is, about 25% of the time I am unable to login to my databases = which makes it impossible for me to use the program - thus the lowly one start and this review. Hey Sage - you should not be selling a program that does not work!