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  • Bitsy - Inconsistency in product on reorders..

    I loved the first bottle of Hair Loss Shampoo from this company (justnaturalskincare). It stopped my hair loss totally in about 5 weeks (2 shampoos per week). I ordered more and gave the last 1/3 of my shampoo to a friend who was losing her hair, also. To my surprise, the company sent a totally different shampoo for Hair Loss...the same label was on the new bottle of shampoo. The bottle was not the same either. The original order was a milky shampoo after shaking the bottle. The second order was a clearish thick shampoo that could not be shaken. I emailed customer service at( them about this, and they responded saying that because it was "hand mixed" each batch was different, and "have a nice day". This is total BS. The shampoo should be exactly the same or bear some resemblance to the first product, but it does not. I called "customer service" twice, but no one was there to answer my call to address my questions. Customer service could only answer questions about shipping and billing--if you can even talk to someone. I am pretty sure I won't be ordering again from this company even though I loved the shampoo. I'll have to think long and hard about it....I hope they read this review.

  • Amazon Customer - Save your money

    If you have have wavey hair you have to straighten your hair first then curl. But the iron is very difficult to use and takes too long to use when your in a hurry. It's claim for easy to use it false and so not worth $190. I have thick waves hair and my original chi iron works so much better after 12 years.

  • Texan Reader - It started to boil water but it reeked of a smell sort of like rubber. I had to turn it off immediately ...

    I purchased this for use as a science demonstration--to heat up something. It started to boil water but it reeked of a smell sort of like rubber. I had to turn it off immediately and had to leave the room for a half hour till the smell dissipated.

  • belmont - Truly Healthy Hair😍💗😊💞

    Nzuri...this would be by 2 month review. It's a wonderful Vitamin Tonic and it's full of the essential vitamins that promote hair health and the overall vitality for your body. I haven't experienced any side effects. Now, there are some very interesting changes in the strands of my hair. First, my hair increased in thickness, I already had thick 4b-4c hair. Each strand of my hair is thick from root to tip. Next, the luster of my hair increased without the added moisturizing aids. I've definitely experienced less breakage. Finally, and continuing hair length changes around the 8-10 week my hair went from earlobe length in the front to neck-length and shoulder length in the back. Here are a couple of thinks to know, I trimmed my hair when I first started the Elixer. If you are on the fence and want results that are lifelong(which requires patience and dedication) then this truly the product for you. It is result driven but, it's not overnight, try it your hair will love you for it!!

  • Tiffanie - Love love this product!

    I was having an issue with the product smell due to my heightened sense of smell. This company has been fantastic to work with. They went out of their way to send me a new formula that has a lower, more citrus scent that would adhere better to my sense of smell. This company and product are so fantastic. The product leaves my skin smooth and I am not worried about stretch marks while using this product at all!