Resistor,Wirewound Resistor,Power Resistor,Braking Resistor,Load Resistor,High Voltage Resistor,Ceramic Resistor - Shenzhen Zenithsun Electronics Tech.CO.,LTD design all kinds of resistors,If you have any comments or suggestions for Wirewound Resistor,Power Resistor and Braking Resistor, please send your E-mail to [email protected],thanks

  • Company Profile of ZENITHSUN — ZENITHSUN RESISTORSResistor,Wirewound Resistor,Power Resistor,Braking Resistor,LED Load Resistor,High Voltage Resistor,Rheostat,Resistance | ZENITHSUN RESISTORS - Shenzhen Zenithsun Electronics Tech.CO.,LTD designed all kind of resistors,If you have any comments or suggestions for Resistors, please send your E-mail to [email protected],thanks.
  • Products — ZENITHSUN RESISTORSResistor,Wirewound Resistor,Power Resistor,Braking Resistor,Load Resistor,Dummy Load Bank,High Voltage Resistor | ZENITHSUN RESISTORS - Our company offers High Power Resistors ,Aluminum Housed Resistors,Wirewound Resistors,High Voltage Resistor,Water Cooled Resistors ,Load Banks and so on ….Most of our Resistors can be shipped within 2~9 days worldwide and with Attractive Prices!The load bank lead time is 10-15 working days .Small quantity order are available.Payment Terms are T/T ,Western Union ,Paypal ,L/C .
  • power resistor — ZENITHSUN RESISTORSResistor,Wirewound Resistor,Power Resistor,Braking Resistor,Load Resistor,Ceramic Tube Resistor,Aluminum Housed Resistor | ZENITHSUN RESISTORS - Zenithsun produce the high power wirewound resistor which including DDR series high power smoothwound resistors and DQR series wave-shape ribbon wound resistors。According to different application places,called braking resistor,load resistor,ripple wave resistor,high power wirewound resistors,non-inductive wirewound resistor。owning high power ,high dissipation ,high stability,most durable ect character.Used in inverter,life ,shipping,electricity, welding,power,wind power,solar power and other industries.For customers special requirement,can make high power resistor box and high power resistor cabinet(load bank)。

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