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  • Melanie W. - Works miracles!

    My daughter had bad reflux. This stuff saved us! It's all natural ingredients and works wonders! Because of the ingredients it only lasts 3 weeks after opening. But it's worth it. If your baby is irritable try this!

  • K. Roamer - Awesome!

    First off, my hair is HORRIBLE!! I have been looking for a product that would do some good for my hair for so many years that I couldn't even begin to tell you the amount of money I have spent on hair products and shampoos. I just tried it today and my hair actually felt soft! I have fine, colored, graying hair that is wavy and straight...a mess. Although I still had to use my straightener on my hair, the texture of my hair was improved tremendously. The only thing I must say is that my hair did not look like what you see happening on the infomercial (thus the need for the straightener). I still loved what it did and am going to try the hydrating mask to see what results I get. All in all...it gets an excellent from me.

  • K. Ann Culver - works great.......... for 2 months! Then it is DONE!

    Although it appears to be a great product for the first couple of months... when it's done.. it's done! It simply STOPPED working after 2 months. If you purchase this item, be certain you purchase the small appliance replacement warranty from Amazon.. because the manufacturer certainly will not replace it!

  • Chung C. - It's cheap. It's bad when there are better choices.

    It's cheap but really annoying to use compared to other regulators out the for $10 to $20 bucks more. Spend a little more and get one with a solenoid on it. This depleted two of my 88g co2 bottles when attaching it on. It could be that I got the wrong bottles though. If you want to connect to a paintball tank you WILL need to get an adapter which then puts another $7 to $10 price tag on this. Just do yourself a favor and move on and spend the extra for a better regulator. Best advice is to spend $50 on a dual gauge you can find on ebay and get an adapter to put on a paintball tank that way you can move up to a regular co2 tank later. The cost of buying 88g disposable co2 bottles is just too expensive.

  • jackie777 - Disappointed beyond description!

    I was truly shocked when he, being a nutritionist and knowing how junk food influences people's health, wrote that he wanted to buy McDonald's franchise! I couldn't believe my eyes. No wonder everyone he worked with was so eager to sue him!

  • Kansas Farmer - To me it smells like food that has gone bad

    The fragrance of the Radha Beauty products organic facial cleanser was the major draw back to the product for me. To me it smells like food that has gone bad, there is a hint of citrus to the fragrance but not enough to cover the rest of the off putting aroma. I was surprised that the cleanser was tan in color because I was expecting it to be clear or white like other organic facial cleansers I have purchased. The cleanser does rinse off completely and easily so the color of the product was not a problem for me just different. I liked the pump container as it was easy to control the amount of product I used. I've only used the product once and it seems to be a good cleanser but the fragrance is not one that I can tolerate so it is not a product that I will continue to use.

  • loisdiane - great product

    Love this stuff! Have found it really helpful for my restless legs amongst other issues. While it won't cure restless legs, there's nothing that will (so far), it sure does take away that creepy, horrible feeling that people like me have to deal with on a daily basis.