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  • Who are we? - The World vs.MS - The World vs.MS is an initiative developed by Sanofi Genzyme to drive meaningful and lasting change in the lives of those living with multiple sclerosis.  
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  • Reed H. - BUYER BEWARE: Mac Quickbooks 2013 not ready for prime-time.

    When I purchased MAC Quickbooks 2013 about a month ago I was ASSURED the system freezes had been fixed - NOT TRUE. I have 2 MacBookAirs - one 13" and one 11". The software freezes on both. I have been able to use this software without freezing for as long as an hour... a short as only 20 min. Having blown through Level 1 support as well as Level 2, I am TOLD that this case has been escalated ultimately to Product Development... ... where it has been a known problem since the PREVIOUS Quickbooks edition.

  • Susan Y - No more lice!!

    This works so well. Nothing else tried has come close. The smell is a little off putting at first but it will grow on you.

  • Anthony - Smackdown Vs Raw is a good game

    The Smackdown series continues with Smackdown Vs Raw 2011. The game is worthy with new features like WWE Universe, New Story Designer and more.

  • Bri V - Like many who suffer from cold sores

    Like many who suffer from cold sores, I have tried EVERYTHING (ice, witch hazel, hand sanitizer, garlic, you name it!) to get rid of pesky sores. If I catch my CS in time and apply abreva every few hours, I am in the clear! If I begin to form a bump and apply abreva, the size and duration of the sore are severely decreased.

  • Danielle Tibbetts - Wished there was more

    Not complex at all, mostly ice cream recipes and drink recipes. The only thing that didn't look as easy to make was the burger.

  • JustinJ - Bad pair?

    Maybe I received a bad pair but the sound is HORRIBLE. It's crackly, people say they can't hear me on the other end of the line when I use them, and the music sounds muffled. When there are bass notes it sounds like the speaker is blown. It's super distorted. Pretty disappointed because I chose these after the raving reviews.

  • sharon white - Publisher 10

    Am enjoying learning to use this program. Essential for doing the bulletins and monthly newsletter for the church. Especially enjoy the split page option for doing inserts for the bulletin.