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  • Fishing Fool - Works great with TWC 300Mbps broadband

    Got this beast to replace a ARRIS SB6183. So far it's doing great with my 300Mbps TWC service. This modem is bigger than the ARRIS but I like it better because the LEDs are not painfully bright...also since it's black it blends in with my electronics too. This modem seems to run a lot cooler compared to the ARRIS. Since this modem has 24 downstream channels it should still work when TWC offers the next speed increase beyond 300Mbps. I currently use a Linksys WiFi router and a separate Linksys switch so this Linksys cable modem should offer maximum compatibility for my network.

  • M. Daniel - Perfect fit for my 16 Year old RCA Range

    These came in clear plastic bags labeled with GE on them. Each one fits perfectly on our 16 year old RCA range. I had tried the Range Kleen P10124XN set, but they were too small for my range. These fit perfectly and Amazon was wonderful with returning the first set that did not fit correctly.

  • T Marushia - Awesome Study Guide

    HESI A2 Study Guide: Prep Book & Practice Test Questions for the HESI Admission Assessment Exam is a really great study guide. I gave this book a try because i was worried i wasn't going to pass my HESI exam. I have tried several other different types of study guide books but none of them seemed to really help. Most of the other study guides were all over the place and you couldn't really keep track of what you were reading. This study guide is definitely the best i have came across. This book is very clear and easy to understand and it also goes over all the subjects that you will need to study for. The subjects that it will discuss is Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and general knowledge, Grammar, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology. It is a really great study guide it goes over each of the subjects very thoroughly. It also has practice tests you can take that will really help you prepare for the real exam. This book will make it very easy for you to understand it written very well. I would highly recommend this Study Guide to anyone who is wanting to pass their HESI exam with ease. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • GoYanksgo1 - I love having multiple chek registers on hand

    I love having multiple chek registers on hand. Perfect for my needs, and you get a discount with a larger amount purchased. I'll certainly keep buying from this seller!

  • Doc Martin - Great idea, poor execution.

    Purchased and returned...there are two different pages for this watch, one with 20+ reviews and another with just a few...didn't see the 20+ one until after I got it...most seem fake but I was optimistic. I was never able to get it to connect; I'm not a novice when it comes to cellular. After much hassle and calls to Tracfone for assistance with the sim and activation, a phone purchase and return to Target for activating the SIM, I gave up and just went to Verizon and got a LG Gizmo Gadget. I saw one review that said they were able to get the QQ working on T-Mobile by going into the store...The watch, in theory, should work on AT&T and T-Mobile (2G) here in the US or their sub-carriers leasing the GSM network. You have to first purchase a SIM card in a kit from a retailer like Target, it requires a Nano SIM. You'll be paying a monthly subscription for calls, text, and data since the watch uses GPS. I went with Tracfone since their plans were the cheapest and their SIMs use the networks with the frequency bands indicated in the instructions. If you don't have a GSM phone with a Nano SIM card slot in which to activate the SIM then you're SOL and you'll need to purchase one as the instructions tell you to make sure calls, text, and GPS are working on a phone first before inserting the SIM card into the watch. Again, I was never able to get it to work and there are other alternatives from popular carriers that do the same thing for slightly more or less than the purchase price of this, plus if you purchase through a major carrier the monthly charge is cheaper than outsourcing a pay-as-you-go contract. All in all, the quality of the device and the packaging seemed fitting for the $100 retail price I paid, though buyer beware there are no 800 #s to call or websites for technical support should you have an issue, you're on your own or you'll have to email the seller through amazon. One other irritation is the watch was set to the metric system and there didn't seem to be a setting to change it to US Customary Units...and since there's activity tracking included, it'd be nice to see what we use here. Great idea, poor execution in my humble opinion.