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  • E. Seale - Just buy one, you won't regret it!

    What can I say, other than that this is a great phone case. It's a bit slippery when it first arrives -- but that goes away with time (and the de-slipperifying process is easily sped up with a scrubby sponge).

  • Cindi Rarick - Finally it doesn't hurt to comb my hair.

    I went to a new salon, scary in the first place. I don't like salons, this was a small town ,one person salon. The owner and operator recommended this product , then used it on my hair after my shampoo, just on towel dried hair ,a marble sized squeeze of this she ran through my hair from the bottom to the top and just left it in there , no rinse out. She combed it through my hair easily , I was in shock because it always hurts my head to comb it after a wash and good conditioning , but with this is was a breeze. I have horrible fine thick wavy hair that tangles when you look at it wrong. I despise washing my hair because it takes forever to comb out with all the tangles and its like pine straw. This magic coconut stuff saved the day. All my life of suffering and finally something that makes my hair so much better and not such a pain. I plan on buying this until I croak or they stop selling it..its great! I've been using it a month and my hair looks calm, shiny , and moist. I am so happy. I got lucky the salon owner wanted me to have good hair and not just sell me some over price stuff like they push in most salons. If your hair is crazy, you really need this, Oh it smells nice , but not over powering.

  • Erik - Pinworms gone

    Oh man. How do I even give a review for something this embarrassing? I mixed it in with some water everyday, drank it for a month and... I was parasite free. Better than wormwood without the visual disturbances or weird dreams.

  • Margie A Moore - Great and safe workout chair

    It was as it was advertised. I feel safe on the chair and also doing the step exercises. The DVD that came with the chair is a great beginning DVD. There is a shoulder attachment to this chair that I will be getting soon. Even though it is a chair though you still need a lot of room when swinging your legs to the side. I set aside a small bedroom for this chair the TV and a lounger.

  • Stormy - A must-have quilting magazine!

    Well organized and informative. Patterns and directions for quilts very well organized and easy to follow. I hope it will soon be a magazine I can subscribe to. I LOVE Jenny Doan! Keep up the good work.

  • Jason - make sure you get the license plate lights that thread into the license plate holes they are very easy to wire up as well

    Very very solid and heavy duty bumper it is a chore to pick up solo. I put it on myself in about three hours. make sure you get the license plate lights that thread into the license plate holes they are very easy to wire up as well.

  • Renee R. Benson - DO NOT BUY!

    I bought this with my brand new top of the line HP computer running Windows 7 Professional. I bought the professional version for added abilities with power point and word. However, I have been so frustrated with the email that I haven't even ventured there. (Puchased February 2013) The Outlook program consistently "hangs" when I try to read emails saying "contacting server for information" even when I have previously viewed the email I am attempting to access. This requires opening task manager, closing and restarting the Outlook program. It is a PITA! I have attempted to import emails from a portable storage device according to MS's instruction to no avail. This required downloading windows live mail as Outlook 2013 will not import directly from XP professional. The folder shows up on the computer, but I cannot see any of the emails. Save yourself the trouble and stay with 2010. I would give 0 stars if I was able.