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Country:, Asia, HK

City: 114.15 , Hong Kong

  • Maria Foster - Reception is Even Worse Now!

    Theradio reception only got worse. I gave it 2 stars because the reception using my iPhone got a bit better.

  • Big Ed Mustafa. - Great body soap and shampoo.

    I use this soap as a body wash and i feel clean and refreshed afterwards. I have no skin conditions so I have no opinion on that aspect but as a body wash and shampoo I love it and by the way it smells great to me.

  • S. Leigh - This really worked for me. Easy to follow for life.

    I can't believe I'm saying that a diet worked for me, but this really worked for me! For about ten years I was around 20 pounds overweight even though I ate less than my peers, exercised regularly, and ate (what I thought was) a very healthy vegetarian diet. Finally a few years ago an endocrinologist diagnosed me with PCOS. He put me on 850 mg of Metformin, 3x a day. The medication helped me get back to my normal weight, but I didn't like the side effects.

  • Mr. Joseph A. Morris Jr. - Small changes go a long way!

    This cube has a much more fluid movement than any other cube that I have owned. I keep it on my desk at work and the slight curves make a lot of my coworkers want to play with it. The V Cube is very well built. I love it!

  • Ms. Trip - Damn

    You have done it again Nicole. I love Wale and Keyasia store. They some bumps in there relationship but the had the strong love that overcame those bump. I'm glad they got Lana. They should have killed her. Hated to see the book end.

  • Hippicat - Great prod!uct

    Quick delivery & good price, especially since no drug or pharmacy stores even carry this product, except in the smaller size & w/o PBF. It really works well to dissolve pllaque & altho I still floss, its turnedf my mouth health health regimen around.