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  • Mandy H. - Too good

    This album is full of surprises. There is no valid expectation of what the next soundtrack might sound like - it's a musical rollercoaster. Gaga is a true musician; and to those who love music, do not box Gaga in a genre- just appreciate her artistry.

  • Italiangirl - Top of the list christmas gift

    Just bought cozmo as a Christmas gift. Hopefully with the amount of money spent he will be entertaining for my kids. As far as the complaints I been reading on lack of audio, he's not bluetooth, not as many games etc. And that the problem needs to be fixed. Doesn't everyone realize that the prob will be fixed next christmas when they come out with a newer version of Cozmo. The company knows what they are doing, they want you to buy this Cozmo and then after made enough money they will then come out with a newer/better version of cozmo so that we can all spend our money on that one. That's how it is even with video game systems, TVs, cell phones, cameras etc. these companies know what they are doing. it's up to us whether we want to wait for the better upgrades. I'm sure this little guy will be great for now. If they come out with a better cozmo then this one will make a cute display but as for now this one will hopefully get my money's worth even with all the cons. The whole thing with having to use cozmos wifi isn't a big deal. You just have to part with your cell for a little just like it was years ago when all our cells did was make phone calls.

  • Caitlin Wyckoff - Great alternative to "traditional" whitening

    Just started using this this morning(received it last night) and I already see a difference! Traditional whitening with strips or kits aren't an option for me because I'm breastfeeding and even if I wasn't I have irregularly shaped k-9 teeth and with strips it is hard to form to those teeth so compared to expensive kits and the charcoal it is much more cost effective. I will be sure to keep taking pictures and update with continued improvement.

  • Amazon Customer - like mine. I wish I could calculate the money ...

    I have used quickbooks almost since it's inception. My company has explored other venders, from time to time however, most other programs have fallen short of what Intuit has been able to deliver to small businesses, like mine. I wish I could calculate the money it has saved me over the last 20 some years but, it's probably in the millions...

  • Lightning City Book Reviews - hot, romantic and just smirk inducing funny

    Callie Hutton spins her Regency Rom/Com magic on this clever, witty, and steamy romantic romp! "Seducing the Marquess" has so many facets sweet and saucy, funny and smart, tender and passionate. The premise, for me at least, is quite clever for a Historical - a Regency period woman finds a "How to Spice Up Your Marriage" book and uses it to keep her husband from acquiring a new mistress. It's like going back in time and dropping book version of Cosmo off into 1800s London. Our Heroine is Lady Eugenia, known in her debutante dates as "The Ice Queen". A moniker she abhors. On the outside she is unshakeable, never a hair out of place, the perfect smile, and gown on display, and her household running like glass. Inside she's loved her husband since their courtship and wants to them to have a full marriage. Eugenia thought that the Marquess cared for her more personally during their courtship because he would often surprise her with special little presents - more than the stiff and requisite outings of an advantageous match. They've been married 5 months and Devon's kept his mistress though that is what is expected by the ton. Eugenia wants … more. Beneath the rigorous training that her mother instilled in her to be the proper and perfect wife for a Marquess she is a woman who wants the knowledge that will keep her husband satisfied and home every night. At the onset she's at a loss as to what to do and when she finds a "handbook" she grows beyond merely the seduction aspect and becomes a - free thinker! The Hero is Richard, the Marquess of Devon, known as Devon - is the archetypal member of the ton. In fact, he and his Lady are quite popular - their very presence at a musicale, ball, or rout is a coup for the host. He learned what the role as a husband entails from his father and truth be told he's not comfortable with it and is merely going through the motions and putting up a convincing façade. Devon isn't an Alpha Hero, but in this book he goes through a myriad of personalities: the proper British husband, the smitten husband, the guilty lusting over his delicate sensibilities wife, the possessive husband, and the vengeful and jealous husband. Both of these characters have their fabulous comedic moments and the action is solidly focused on the two of them. The last 10 pages or so are hot, romantic and just smirk inducing funny. The last 4 lines - fantastic!

  • Christian - Great add on

    Love this camera insert for my Classic Messenger bag from Timbuk2!! Very affordable, and it helps make my messenger not look like a camera bag for thieves.

  • Glenda Lilley - but the taste takes a little getting use to as there's a lot of different oil mixed together but it's good for the weight loss I

    I started this product a week ago for the first time ever and I am already seeing results it does what it says . but the taste takes a little getting use to as there's a lot of different oil mixed together but it's good for the weight loss I will be ordering this again .