Drug Testing , Hormone Testing, Vitamin Testing, Disease Detection Testing, Health and Wellness Testing. Instant or Laboratory based testing in UK and EU. – Testfield Store - Drug Testing , Hormone Testing, Vitamin Testing, Disease Detection Testing, Health and Wellness Testing are all available online from Testfield Medical Kits .

  • http://www.testfield.co.uk/collections/urine-drug-test-kits Drug Test Kits (Urine, Saliva, Hair) – Testfield Store - We have variety of  Drug Test Kits in our store for individuals, parents, workplace and professionals. 
  • http://www.testfield.co.uk/collections/hormone-test Hormone Testing Kits – Testfield Store - TestField offers male & female hormone tests for measuring hormone levels, enabling you to discover if you have a hormonal imbalance in the body and what to
  • http://www.testfield.co.uk/collections/alcohol-testing-kits Alcohol Test Kits – Testfield Store - Our alcohol test kits are breath alcohol test, saliva alcohol test and digital alcohol test for individuals, parents, schools, businesses, NHS, Prison Service P
  • http://www.testfield.co.uk/collections/nicotine-test Nicotine Tests – Testfield Store - We have varity of Nicotine Tests such as urine nicotine test, saliva nicotine test, second hand nicotine test.
  • http://www.testfield.co.uk/collections/health-kits Health Kits – Testfield Store - We provide instant and laboratory based health test kits. Either you will be able to test yourself at home or collect your sample at comfort of your own home an
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  • http://www.testfield.co.uk/pages/about-us About Us – Testfield Store - Testfield Store specialises in home and laboratory based testing. We provide products for national and international customers for pre-screening purposes. We ar
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