Human Resource Services, Job Placement, Background Screening, Drug Testing - Blue Arbor is an independent human resource company located in Eastern North Carolina. Blue Arbor is dedicated to providing businesses with a full range of human resource services including: recruiting and staffing, background checks and drug screening, payroll services, EEOC and safety compliance and employee retention. Job seekers are also recruited by Blue Arbor to fill employment opportunities and to fill temporary employment positions.

  • Jobs, Now Hiring, Job Placement - Blue Arbor is now hiring, our job placement professionals provide the best customer service in the industry and will help you find the full or part time job that best fits your skills. Seeking a job, contact us and find a job today.
  • staffing services, recruiters, background checks, drug screening - Blue Arbor is now hiring. Our job placement professionals provide the best customer service in the industry and will help you find the full or part time job that best fits your skills. Seeking a job, contact us and find a job today.
  • About Blue Arbor - Blue Arbor is a full service human resource company. Headquartered in New Bern, NC it has additional locations in Morehead City NC, Jacksonville NC, Gulfport MS, and Gulf Breeze FL, Founded in 1981 by Lucine Moffett, Blue Arbor is a woman-owned North Carolina HUB Certified small business enterprise. Blue Arbor offers recruiting and staffing, background checks and drug screening, payroll services, EEOC and safety compliance and employee retention. Job seekers are also recruited by Blue Arbor to f
  • Drug Testing and Employee Screening Services - Blue Arbor provides comprehensive background screenings for employers, including drug testing, employment verification and skills testing
  • Contact Blue Arbor - Blue Arbor has locations in New Bern NC, Morehead City NC, Jacksonville NC, Gulfport MS, Gulf Breeze FL.
  • Meet the Temporary Employee Screening Services Inc. Team - LUCINE MOFFETT, KATE CLELAND,PAM KORNEGAY,CLARK ZALESKI,RUSSELL NORRIS, complete human resource services, human resource professionals
  • Blue arbor commitment to quality - Blue arbor is committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients. Both employers and job seekers receive outstanding customer service and are maintained in a QAP.
  • EEOC policy and compliance - Blue arbor offers complete human resource services including policy and compliance for the EEOC. This includes record-keeping policy writing and employee training
  • Company safety policies and compliance - Blue arbor offers a comprehensive safety program that includes policies and procedures and training. It also includes record-keeping and bench marks.
  • Apply for a temporary position or for full-time jobs - How to apply for temporary and full-time job opportunities with blue arbor job placement services
  • Job Seeker FAQ - Blue Arbor , Frequently asked questions by job seekers, employment opportunities, jobs, temporary positions, full time jobs, now hiring, employment services
  • Employee Screening Services, Background Checks and Drug Testing - Blue arbor provides complete HR services including providing professional & comprehensive background checks drug and alcohol testing and other employee screening services
  • Blue Arbor staffing services for temporary and full time employment - Blue arbor complete HR services includes providing staffing services including recruitment, testing, and evaluation for temporary staff, direct to hire and full time positions.
  • Blue Arbor, payroll services and payroll planning - Blue arbor complete HR services includes providing payroll services, time card processing and payroll planning. Complete HR services, payroll policy and procedures, total human resource services
  • Employers FAQ - FAQ employers, frequently asked questions employers, FAQ's from employers, Blue Arbor total human resource company, complete hr services and support
  • Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Services - Blue arbor provides confidential reliable drug testing and substance abuse screenings for employment, legal, or other circumstances. Alcohol testing programs and policies, drug testing programs and policies, DNA paternity testing, preemployment screening

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