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  • Bruhammad Ali - Best Ever

    I was so amazed at the high quality of this product. Sure I had to sell my Tv, Xbox, PS3, Blu-ray player, and the naming rights to my first born in order to purchase this great HDMI cable. Sure my friends come over to watch tv and all we have is a cable nothing to watch it on but I'll damned if it isn't the sweetest HDMI cable I have ever seen. My friends are so skeptical and cannot see the difference between it and other cables. I can see the difference and I believe that they are jealous of my HDMI cable. Thank you so much Amazon for letting me know that they are only 2 left these things sell like hot cakes and I do not wanna be left looking dumb and empty handed.

  • Q-Mic Accessories - Skip the infomercials. Curcumin works.

    Look for Curcumin products, there are many, you can try, i have back issues and curcumin has helped me immensely.. get glucosimine /chondroitin anywhere and have your own version of a miracle drug. i've used several different versions of curcumin, terry natually and doctors best, but read them and pick one.. i am not endorsing any vendors, just curcumin.

  • Christopher J. Guidry - Keep Calm and buy A PS4!!!!!

    After months of waiting for this system I would say it was a definite worth of wait. I order the system in late Jan and receive it less than a week from ordering it. I have seen a few reviews and videos of shipping from here and was worried due to the packaging epically living overseas.

  • Candace Hall - So its nice to have the body scan option

    I needed a thermometer that wouldn’t disturb my baby while she slept when she is sick and running a fever. If I use the ear part she wakes up. So its nice to have the body scan option. If she is running a fever that way I pop off the cover and use the ear to see if it is the same. I had to get used to the addition and subtraction for ear vs body. I was given this product at a reduced price for my unbiased opinion.

  • futuristic - It seems to work

    I've been using this product for a few years. It seems to work, because I see little hairs grow in between the longer ones around my face, which is where I use the product. I don't use it religiously and when I use it, only once a day. Its just too much work to do it twice a day. I do see a difference when I don't use it for a couple of weeks because was travelling. So, I'll keeep on using it.