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  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic taste and mixes great

    Fantastic taste and mixes great. The 4:1 ratio also ensures you are getting a superior quality BCAA. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to support recovery in and outside of the gym.

  • Nick Schultz - Don't be fooled!

    Warning! Do not buy this product! The blender container touts itself as being dishwasher safe, washed it after the first week and the pitcher cracked! Called the "amazing" customer service department and they offered me a replacement pitcher at no cost - they also mentioned that I shouldn't wash it in the dishwasher and the instructions were a bit misleading. It's been 3 months, the pitcher is mysteriously on back-order. The "award winning" customer service has not been helpful at all. Don't be fooled! Avoid!

  • VanHouten - We love this chair!

    We purchased it as we were preparing for a trip with our kids (7m and 2y2m) - and having had some experience in the past travelling with our then 1yr old, we knew this could make our meals quite a bit less hectic. But we never expected to get that much use out of it. It takes only a couple of minutes to set up, and for the little one, it was so much better than trying to sit her in a regular high chair! She was comfortable in it, and would stay there without complaining for the entire lunch (both hers and ours). We used it everywhere, and we have not found any places where we could not attach it safely and securely. The older kid liked it too, so we would put him there for breakfast and dinner, while the little one was asleep.

  • VixterK - Works well but could use an applicator

    This eye shadow primer / base works fantastic. My shadow goes on nice and stays where I put it. Urban Decay works well, too. I do have to use a Q-tip to put it on though. Unlike Urban Decay, Too Faced does not come with any type of applicator and the only way I can get it all across my eye lid is with the Q-tip. It comes just in a plain tube. I should note that Too Faced is quite a bit cheaper than Urban Decay. I'll stick with Too Faced.

  • Grandma D - This program has problems!

    I have made many purchases from Amazon and this is the first one that has given me a lot of trouble. It is as if there are 2 programs in one in the Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2014. The card part of it (cards) works just fine - but it is impossible to print the calendar using the conventional method. When I click on the Print button to print a calendar this message comes up" Open Default Printer Fails - 1801" I made sure that all of the settings were correct - the proper printer etc. but no success. I enlisted the help of my engineer son who installed CutePDF which basically bypasses the print instruction, saves the calendar and then allows you to print from the save mode. This is way too much trouble. Since this is a new version I am hoping that Hallmark will fix this because I don't have time to monkey around with a program that has built in glitches. Otherwise I have used the Card Studio programs for years and have been very satisfied with them.