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  • Fred Salazar - Best mod so far

    Easy install, does what its supposed to do. Hands down the best (and funnest) mods I've done to my car. Comes with all necessary hardware for the install. Firmware and customization was a cinch. Installed this on my 2005 Chrysler 300C.

  • Chuckzilla and Fam - Made a huge difference in 5th Wheel Black Water Tank

    We have been using it in a 5th wheel trailer that has someone constantly living in it. Rid-X has made a huge difference in the ease of emptying the black water tank and makes life so much easier, Especially after we had to go through the mess of having a clogged tank. A combination of the Rid=X and limiting the amount of toilet paper to go in the tank made all the difference for us, and have not had any issues with the tank since we started that process.

  • teraflx - Best bang for your buck!

    This really is a solid bike for the price. You are not going to find anything close to this in a Carbon frame with the group set at $1400 shipped unless you go used. Bike is nice and light (Around 19lbs in a 54cm), true to size and is a beautiful bike. I gave it 4 stars, not 5 due to a few things. Both derailleurs were terrible upon arrival. I had to spend a good 30 minutes tweaking everything about them as they were skipping gears in the index and the front wasn't even shifting to the big ring. Once dialed in though the Shimano 105 is nice and crisp.The seat is bad too but that's typical for a stock seat on most bikes. The stem/seatpost are what you find on a $600 bike but I expected that as well and no biggie considering the price I paid.