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  • Bill Faith - Likely the LUCAS!

    iI had about 12 oz.Lucas in a 4 cylinder Honda. My daughter was away and out in the summer desert with the car and ran it for 10-15 minutes"very very hot"-on her way to the next town with smoke coming off big time(-the dumb things kids do! ) I told her take it to a mechanic the next week if would even start! She drove to a shop who told her the radiator hose had busted big time . The mechanic checked the car out after the hose repair and said the spark plugs were also almost entirely burned up.< and he d never seen that in a car w/o a destroyed engine. He replaced the plugs and off she went.Ilater drove the car 500 miles and it ran fine! I told my local 5 star mechanic ,and commented I had some Lucas in the engine. This very capable old timer nodded his head and said yeah! it may just have kept the engine from seizing up! I know there are those knowledgeable people who say nay when it comes to additives ,but I am a believer!