Syneurgy MT - PEMF Therapy, Hip Pain Treatment, Osteoarthritis Treatment, Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment, Joint Pain Treatment - Syneurgy MT is a medical device using pulsed magnetic fields for the treatment of small fiber neuropathy, joint and muscle pain. Syneurgy MT is designed and manufactured by Array Therapeutic LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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  • Robert J. Askey - my high school grandson will prosper with this book

    A good basic handbook about how Wall Street works. I went through this book with my trusty Magic Marker, my grandson breezed through it, and now he knows the basics of how the stock market works. Next time he reads it, he'll be even smarter. The younger you start, the richer you get. Okay, money doesn't buy happiness, but poverty doesn't buy happiness either. Better to cry in your Cadillac than bitch on your bicycle. Rich is better than poor, so buy this book and be wiser about the stock market.

  • not one ounce of truth all bent on making a fast buck - not one ounce of truth all bent on making a fast buck

    The cover indicates that the therapy is scientifically proven. All the work has been done in mice and worms with regard to extending life span. The only widely accepted positive data regarding humans is its short term use in frail older men to increase their muscle mass and decrease rate of falls. There is no attempt at addresing its side effects such as organ enlargement and dysfunction and the greatest problem.. the potential for potentiating aggressive cancers!

  • Jeremy - it's storyline and characters are bland at best.

    As far as where this movie stands in the apocalyptic genre of movies, it would be sitting at the top due to the causes of catastrophe and graphics. However, it's storyline and characters are bland at best.

  • bndmontana - Do not get hooked in with the "free sample"

    This cream is very expensive and after nearly a month of using it as directed, I saw very little improvement, certainly nothing like the facelift results that the company proclaims. The free sample they send is a 2.54oz sample but if you do not return it by the end of the month, you will be charged $189. The return time is not sufficient for you to use the product for the full 30 days and then return if you do not think it worked. If you do a search on this product to find out if it is a scam, you will just get more ads for a free sample, any search with "lifecell" in it will be redirected to a site for a free sample, there are many many of these sites. The way they make their money is by sending the sample and then collecting on those who do not return it in time. Do not get hooked in, there is nothing free in life.

  • David Pouliot - Wow. Incredible writer

    I can not get enough of books written by Scott Pratt. I have now read 7 Joe Dillard's books and now this one. It's hard to put these books down. You want to read them in one gulp! Thank you Scott for writing these GREAT BOOKS!