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  • Veloslave - "Mr. Coffee" Great Espresso machine???

    Second update, Dec 2012 What can I say... this ting is the proverbial Timex... takes a licking, keeps on ticking. It is chugging along, never missing a beat two years into owning it. If it died tomorrow... it would be an easy decision, I can't afford a $400 to $700 machine like I dream of... being all automatic and washing my car too so without hesitation or even "re-shopping/researching" I would just go buy it again. My best friend gave it a real nice compliment the other day... we went camping in the 5th wheel a while back so we took it along (what would "camping" be without espresso in the morning right?) and since then he has told me he cannot get his expensive one to produce as good tasting of espresso... using the exact same ingredients. I use this almost every day... it is a winner, don't let the name fool you. BTW, the goof balls that say it is too hard to empty are, well, how to say this... STUPID. It comes with a black thumb lever on the handle of the grounds holder... you push it with your thumb when "knocking out" the grounds like ANY other style or brand. Ironically... it is many brands that do not include this which makes it even easier than the rest. If the knuckle heads that complained would RTFM first they would have enjoyed it and given it a better rating... whatever :-)

  • Frank J. - Everybody that camps or travels on the road should have ...

    Everybody that camps or travels on the road should have one of these it tells you what's at the next exit before you even get off thank you

  • LuLu2008 - ... Herbalife a couple of years ago and it worked great! I lost 60 pounds and I can't wait ...

    I used Herbalife a couple of years ago and it worked great! I lost 60 pounds and I can't wait to get started again.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't buy, crappy construction

    Worked great until the female Micro-USB port necessary to charge the thing got pushed into the housing. Kinda difficult to use when you can't charge the portable charger.