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  • Aiala Reizer - Disappointed long time customer

    I have used Living Cookbook since 2003 and was happy with it...... up until now. I upgraded it for the third time to the latest version several weeks ago. Frankly, very little changed since my previous version (2008). Yet, I was charged relatively quite a bit for the upgrade. Big mistake (on my part, that is, for upgrading). Still no app for a mobile device. These days, it is a big disadvantage. But the worst of all, which contributed the most to my disappointment is their present customer service. Multiple emails with questions, as well as plea for help on actual issues with the latest version, have not been answered. While searching through their user community in cyberspace, I have encountered similar complaints. My emails and feedback remain ignored and unanswered. I suppose it will be a bye bye to this software. How disappointing as one of their strongest points in the past was quality customer service.

  • confined mom - There is another America

    Twoscore and seven years ago we as a nation were at the brink of Vietnam, two years into the Bible being banned from classroom use, five years from the 3000+ deaths per day that would occur in our abortion facilities, and hoping Cuba wouldn't again plan to blow us off the map. There was also no information about Barack Obama out there for anyone to learn about him. Today, he has been president for four years and while all those other things have shown a degree of change, and public focus, the media is still not aware that Barack Obama had a past and therefore has plans for the future. This is a very good attempt to help us get to know this man we are to honor as our President, because we are to honor the powers that be, that are ordained of God. We are a nation under God and indivisible because of it. This documentary presents concerns and data that help us know how to pray for our country and one another.

  • Nihala M. - This is amazing!

    I have been looking for a product that holds but doesn't make the hair hard and subsequently dry for years. I came across this product while searching YouTube videos for how to get waist length natural 3c/4a hair and decided to try it. This product has done wonders for my hair. It's soft and defined after use. My hair is thick, but extremely fine and I have some heat damage at my ends (that I'm cutting off gradually) so twist outs normally don't work for me. They do with this product however! I still prefer braid outs as I find they give more definition in general, but with this product they are amazing. I love that this is a butter as compared to a pudding because I tend to let my hair air dry 90 percent prior to braiding it up and this doesn't saturate the hair with additional water. It's more of a paste-butter that somehow gives as much definition and shine as a gel without the hardness and drying effect of a gel. I use my oil mix of avocado oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, rosemary and clary sage oil underneath this (for hair growth) and then put this on top and braid up. The next morning I have a beautiful braid out that will last well until the third day and fifth if I'm super vigilant about tying it up, sleeping with my satin scarf, etc... I sincerely hope she doesn't stop making this.