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  • Andrea - Excellent compact camera

    Great little point and click camera - Ive used a bridge/DSLR for years and was looking for a compact to take on holidays with the kids to save taking a large camera with me, and this is bang on what I was looking for. It's small, light and really quite intuitive - great price too

  • Holly - This makes Cozmo work faster and be updated more easily. If you find it is a pain

    Cozmo rocks! Just watch some of the many youtube videos and you can see what Cozmo does. The biggest "issue" people seem to be having is that Cozmo has to have an app open (on phone/kindle//tablet) while working. This is so the programming can be stored away from Cozmo itself. This makes Cozmo work faster and be updated more easily. If you find it is a pain, just spend $50 on a kindle tablet.

  • AmwBogan1 - Perfect fit for our 2011 F-150

    Perfect fit for our 2011 F-150. Watertight like expected. Easy to put on and take off. Good added security - as long as the tailgate is locked, somebody would have to try pretty hard to get into the back of our truck. We bought this so that we could drive our truck for road trips. I felt completely comfortable parked at a hotel parking lot knowing everything in the back of the truck was safe.

  • J. Laury - Journal entry, day 91...

    It's been almost 100 days since I "disposed" of the Uranium Ore I purchased from Seeing as how they sent me 10 orders instead of 1 I thought it would be alright to dispose of the two or three cans in the backyard. 91 days later and I'm barricaded in my house, beseiged by mutated grasshoppers, bees, wasps, and ants the size of ponies. My food stores are dwindling; I only have a few gallons of