Invisible Hearing Aids and Hearing Testing by Licensed Hearing Specialist, Audiologist in Burnaby - Vancouver Area - The best hearing aids are the ones you are comfortable wearing. We specialize in well-hidden hearing aids that help you hear clearly and easily.

  • Who We Are - I do not believe in pushy sales tactics or limited hearing aid options for my clients. Rather, I let the person inform my recommendations and we work together.
  • Global BC and Media on Hearing Aids with Jamie Larsen - Jamie Larsen is interview by local news BCTV - Global Weekend "Ask an Expert" and other media about hearing aids in the Vancouver lower mainland.
  • Recommended Clinic for a Hearing Test in Vancouver Area - We use the latest digital hearing testing equipment to ensure the most accurate hearing testing in the Vancouver area.
  • Hearing Aid Brands in Vancouver Area - These are the brands of hearing aids that we trust to solve our clients' hearing problems. Our main hearing aid brands are Starkey, Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Resound, and Siemens
  • Digital Hearing Aids - Video Info Series in 3 Parts. See all the latest styles and brands up close with video and commentary. - Watch our 3 part video series on the different styles of today's latest digital hearing aids. Jamie will walk you through all of the different styles so you can see how they work and how they would look on you.

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  • Bill - Worst quality hose(s) I've ever owned.

    It pains me to write this review but I have to share my experiences with the Flexogen hoses. I've been using them for at least a decade. At first, I loved how they stayed flexible in cooler weather. After a few months the problems began though. I started getting pin sized holes in the hoses. I chalked it up to the rosebush hitting it while I unraveled it. I bought another one and placed it in the backyard where there are no thorny bushes. 6 months later the hose seemed to fall apart from the inside out. It developed a large bulge on the side of it and was ruined. I sent it back to Gilmour and they sent me a replacement.

  • teez00 - The only thing I don't like about this is that I can't have the blue ...

    This product has worked out so far. I had tried the strips with other brand, it made my teeth very sensitive. With this product, I can see a different in my teeth color. It's slightly whiter because I've only used half way through. The only thing I don't like about this is that I can't have the blue light my mouth very long.

  • Laura H. - Worked for a couple of weeks

    I was able to install this program and use it for a period of time. Then, it would not allow me to edit docs and locked up, I got an error message that it was an unlicensed product. Now, I see. I will need to purchase Microsoft Office in order to make this work. Since this requirement is not clear upon purchase, I decided to return it. However, this problem started after a few weeks so I am no longer able to return the program. BIG WASTE! I paid $90 for a program to work for a few weeks. Created one doc with typos that make it useless since I am unable to edit the program.

  • amy johnson - Best cup ever

    I use this cup everyday all day! I put my fountain beverage inside her and I drink from it all day. It fits in the car and goes everywhere with me

  • My's Review - Not as Expected-Disappointed

    Purchased for my 4 1/2 yr old boy & friends' 4 1/2 yr. old girl. Both children enjoy using parent's iPads. Son, Nintendo DS.