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  • Amazon Customer - READ ME THIS DOES WORK!!

    IT DOES WORK ! YOU MUST FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ! RIGHT BEFORE YOU GO IN FOR TEST !! DRINK IT . FILL BACK UP WITH WATER DRINK THAT FILL AGAIN DRINK THAT ..WAIT 45 MINS ..GO TAKE TEST BOOM CLEAN ! WORKS EVERY TIME ! sorry for all caps I just can't belive how many people can't follow instructions on the bottle ,and want to complain because they are ignorant!..thx hope this helps everyone out ..

  • Ferrin S. - Amazing, my cats love it!

    This is better than I had expected. I have a few cats that range in size. One taller and skinny, another med size and stocky, and then a med size plump kitty. This works for all! (The tiniest kitty it works for as well ) it's SO nice that this can be compacted easily for space, but yet the cats think it's "their house" and tend to try and take turns sleeping in it. The top and bottom are a hard enough plastic that is covered in fabric. This comes with a thing padding inside that helps make it soft. If needed there is room (depending on the size of cat) to put a towel or thin small pet blanket inside. I haven't put a cat in and closed it completely, yet. But it will happen. I think with the all around sides that lets the cat (or small dog) see everything and be able to move might make the stress of being inside less. Since most traditional rectangular pet carriers don't have much room for a pet to turn and move inside.

  • Grit Lit - Finally!

    At last there's a reason to get back on board with the Best American Essays! I had stopped picking up annual volumes of this series as there seemed to be too many esoteric pieces of interminable length and no point. But Cheryl Strayed, this year's editor, did a great job choosing essays that aren't just "think pieces" but where people live interesting lives, act and change. The essays are beautifully written and some bring tears. If you've never tried this series, start here.

  • V. Holichork - Great product it you have an ashy toned hair and want shine.

    My sister has thick, ashy brown hair. When I purchased this for her, her hair took on a whole new light. It was shiny, and smooth. I would NOT recommend this product for those with fine or thin hair. I have fine thin hair and it made my hair look oily and gross. Love the smell and the feel of the product. The conditioner was my least favorite. It was very light , and I feel like in the shower I didn't feel a difference, but when my hair dried it was very limp.

  • WiseTravels47 - Cozmo - your chance to own the first pass at the future of interactive 'bots

    So far I'm impressed - Cozmo is not just a "toy"...he is a plastic and metal "being" bursting with personality unlike any interactive device that I've ever experienced. The future is promising to say the least. While he's not perfect, Anki appears to be heavily engaged to make sure he continues to develop and lives up to the hype.

  • Crazy Mofo - A step in the right direction...

    I've been a collector of Ouija boards for many years. They've been on a downward spiral for decades and are becoming smaller and junkier (like all board games really). They used to be almost two feet wide and now they're barely 12 inches. I will definitely say I love the darker design that this board showcases much more than the glow-in-the-dark version it replaced. Just a beautiful talking board design overall, really. If this board doesn't suit you, real Ouija boards still are alive and well, but not the ones made by Parker Brothers. You would be much better off getting a handmade wooden board for just a little more than this cardboard and plastic toy. Just go to Google and search for "wooden ouija board" and find one there. Although there aren't any such reviews at the moment, I'm awaiting the stream of crazy religious-themed "reviews" that will appear with this new Ouija design. Please keep in mind that this IS a game. Don't miss out on a fun pastime because of suspicious paranoia. Greed is a sin too, but Christians can still play Monopoly. You don't have to worship the devil to play with a Ouija board. Best of luck! :-)