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  • alizzy - One Star

    It does nothing to me. Literally sucked not even gonna waste anymore money on this. Two jars and nothing

  • N. Ronning - Installed OK on Win 10, Had to set for ...

    Installed OK on Win 10, Had to set for Win Vista compatibility, use 640x480 screen mode, and disable the high DPI option. OK package of traditional casino games.

  • Holli - so the moves are realistic and not choppy like animation. Having the bonus songs from all the ...

    My teen aged daughter loves the way they recorded actual dancers, so the moves are realistic and not choppy like animation. Having the bonus songs from all the other Just Dance games is wonderful, too. The cost to keep it up is minimal and will be worth every penny.

  • Beckaroon - Perfect fit!

    I just received these for my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Unlimited. I was nervous because some of the reviews had complaints about noise and instructions and bad screws. The package included a full size sheet of paper with instructions. The instructions were very clear and showed pictures that clearly showed each step of the installation process. They must have improved them since that was one of my worries from previous reviews that I read. Each bar was clearly labeled with stickers- front or back and which end faces front. The bars were super simple to install and literally only took me 5 minutes by myself. I didn't have any problems with the screws stripping out or anything. I have driven 80mph and I didn't hear any wind noise at all. They are very secure and look great. I am glad I made this purchase for my kayaking adventures!

  • cinbear - Product Defect Caused Overdose!

    I purchased a collar for a small dog. Within 48 hours of installing the collar, my dog began acting strangely and exhibited signs of a bad reaction (coughing, eyes dilated, licking mouth and panting constantly, extreme nervousness, refusal to eat or drink) and hid in his crate, refusing to come out. I took him to our vet who performed some blood work and skin tests and bathed him in a special soap to remove any traces of the chemicals. Vet advised that the collar was releasing at least 3X the amount of chemical shown and the collar was not "time releasing" a specific amount as it should. The amount of chemical found on/in his skin/blood was a toxic amount which had caused the reaction.I was told that it was a good thing that I removed the collar immediately and sought medical attention as continued exposure could have killed him or caused permanent neurological damage.