Schiz Life - Living a Full Life With Schizophrenia - Dealing with schizophrenia can feel lonely, so we welcome everyone to come share their stories, artwork, and join the discussion. Here's to peace,

  • Schizophrenia: How does it affect relationships | Schiz Life - Relationships are full of ups and downs, but what would happen if one partner was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Could the relationship last?
  • Is Schizophrenia Genetic? | Schiz Life - Is Schizophrenia Genetic? These questions come from an array of people. This isn't an easy question to answer because answers can vary.
  • The Dopamine Hypothesis and Schizophrenia | Schiz Life - What causes schizophrenia? Many different theories have been tested, but the dopamine hypothesis is one that has gained the most attention.
  • Signs of Schizophrenia in Adults | Schiz Life - There are many different signs that may link with schizophrenia in adults. A vast change in behavior is usually an indicator that someone has schizophrenia.
  • Signs of Schizophrenia in Children | Schiz Life - Schizophrenia in Children is not a very common occurrence. It is important to treat schizophrenia in it's earlier stages in order to prevent it from worsening.
  • Types of Schizophrenia | Schiz Life - Schizophrenia has five different subtypes. The different types of schizophrenia are catatonic, undifferentiated, residual, disorganized, and paranoid.
  • Causes of Schizophrenia | Schiz Life - In this article we will look at the top 2 causes of schizophrenia; genetics and environment.

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    Very nice crockpot! I had this on my wedding registry and was very lucky to get it! Then I got one for my sister... It is the best one, and still very well priced - I love that combo! Something I like to remind people of - don't cook with the handles clipped down! The clips are for transportation only, and clipping it down is not good for the pot and is not necessary because the rubber edge of the lid makes a great seal and really keeps the heat in.

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    Horrible... Dont waste ur money. The only thing u get out it Is super dry scalp that cause even more hair loss

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    I've owned this keyboard for a few weeks, after owning several mechanical/gaming keyboards over the years. I bought this to replace my Corsair K70RGB, in hopes to improve on the Cherry MX Brown switches I had on that board, and get a shorter keyboard (I got the tenkeyless "Tournament" Chroma version with clicky keys). I mainly use this keyboard to play CS:GO, which requires some amount of precise keying. Skip to the "Overview" if you don't care about detailed specifics.