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  • Chase - I ordered this and LOVE it. Granted

    I bottomed out crossing a creek two weekends ago. Mangled the driver's side of the bumper skin, and gave the wife an excuse to allow me to buy a plate bumper. I ordered this and LOVE it. Granted, the install took a lot of sweat and effort due to the weight and that my "helper" had one too many drinks in his garage. This thing is stout and I wish the idiot that may rear end me in the future the best of luck because this thing is waaaaaay overbuilt. Well done!

  • Vickie G. - Great game if you use a good dose of patience

    This game was hard to get started. You only get 3 lives and sometimes you use them all very quickly. Having more than one city open at a time helps. So does completing side paths and collections as you go. I have been stuck many times and gone to a different city; completed side paths or collections. When I go back to where I was stuck, I often get an easier board. Unless a level is timed, take your time and plan your moves. If you only spin the wheel when you have less than 5 moves left it helps. I'm onmy 7th city and have not spent any real money ever in the game.

  • M. KIMMEL - Perfect for my Hannspree brand monitor

    My monitor had the wide bolt pattern and wouldn't center with my VESA mount, this allowed me to convert it to the smaller pattern without adding bulk.