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  • SW Missouri - Don't buy and forget.

    I saw this advertised on a home improvement show and thought I would try it. Product arrived on time. The sprayer was broken and I could not get it to work. Had to put the liquid into another spray bottle. Evidently the spiders in my area are immune to the stuff as it kills very few of them. I am not sure if it even makes them mad. Would not recommend this product and I will not purchase any more.

  • The 3 little Umipigs - I put it on the last few days and then put a waste built on over top of it before working out ...

    You can definitely feel it! It is not too intense for me, but I can see if you have sensitive skin that it may not be the right product for you. I put it on the last few days and then put a waste built on over top of it before working out on my elliptical. It definitely made me sweat and I could feel it. I will update my review if I see a long-term change.I received this product for a discount or free to review for my honest and unbiased opinion. I do not review products that my family does not have the intention of using and these opinions are my own, based on my experience with this product. If you feel that my review was helpful, please let me know by pressing the 'yes' button below. Thank you!

  • Glory Star - realy bad, leaves spots use hand detergent to wash your car and you may get even better results!

    It may be the worst car wash you could ever buy, leaves spots, no waxing/shinning effect that I could see, also it takes forever to get rid of the those white wash rashes/spots. Sorry turtle, you but you have lost me for good because of this product. I gave it to my wife to use it as a shampoo to clean the floors!

  • kylie - Good starting point

    I used this book and the Peterson book to review for the PCAT. The Peterson was overall a better purchase (more review, longer, more practice tests, cheaper.. the list goes on) but this book was a great place to start. It really helped me familiarize myself with the test structure and covered all the basics (just not in as good of depth as the Peterson review).

  • Scott - Best g9 replacement in existence if u favored everything the g9 offered

    a bit pricey but it's replaced by aged g9x very well. I can't detect any input lag over works (Logitech isn't lying), the battery lasts a long time, the software is very good. this is almost everything I was hoping for in a g9 replacement. it doesn't offer quite the finger or claw grip I was hoping for but is better than most other Logitech gaming mice. I wanted to stick with Logitech because I don't think I could have given up the dual scroll modes, on the fly sensitivity changing, gaming profiles, programmability, or 5-way middle mouse button (scroll wheel, horizontal clicking, and middle mouse click) of which every other brand would have compromised. there's still no replacement for the g9 but this hits everything with a slightly less claw- / fingertip-friendly grip.

  • Aeson - my red wine keeps pretty well under vacuum for about a week

    I've had this vacuum pump for several years, and the pump and stoppers still work well being used about once a week. It definitely makes wine keep much longer than it would without the vacuum. In a refrigerator that's in the 34-40 degree range, my red wine keeps pretty well under vacuum for about a week. I've kept wine for two weeks, and it is not as good, but drinkable.

  • Adrianne Hanks - Easy to install!

    We needed to mount a 60 inch TV on the wall. We didn't need anything fancy, no pull out or rotation features were necessary. This Fortress Mount TV wall Mount seemed perfect. It arrived quickly and all of the pieces and instructions were in the box. It took about 25 minutes to put together. It was pretty easy to do. But the part I was really worried about was mounting it on the wall and putting the TV up there. Which turned out to be one of the easiest parts of the process. Once the wall mount was leveled and installed on the wall (one side with dry wall anchors, the other side was fortunate enough to be on a stud), hung up the TV up. It's a 2 person job with the TV size we were working with but it went right on! Once it was on the wall it seems nice and secure. The only problem was I tried to put on the power cords onto the TV after it was mounted on the wall. It's pretty tight on the wall so we had to take it down and plug everything in, then put it back up on the wall. It's a great and easy to use wall TV mount. One I would use again if we even need another wall mounted TV.