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  • David Holbrook - It works...but PLEASE use as directed...

    Ok, so I got this product in an attempt to get rid of massive loads of hair painlessly. This is my opinion based on my experience with it:

  • Julia Carol - this product works for me, it's great.

    I'm 71 and have had thinning hair for several years. after 3 months I didn't take it everyday but I had a substantional amount of new hair and am thrilled. I'v never had thick hair but this works for me so I would say to give it a try if your thinning but give it 3 or 4 months anyway before you give up on it.

  • Fyregal - Finally! One that works!

    I love, love, love, this hair removal system! If you follow the directions, you can get rid of that "lady stache"! I have used it about 3 times so far and not once have I been disappointed. I use it once every 10-14 days. I accidentally bought the one for fine to medium hair when I really wanted the medium to coarse hair, but this seems to work just as good. I do have one or two really thick hairs that end up needing to be tweezed out, but I blame that on me not buying the right version. I have never had the tell-tale red upper lip after using it. The protective balm does just what it is meant to do, keep your skin from getting inflamed. I have used it right before going out in public, and even my husband can't tell when I use it. There is no drying-out of your lip either.

  • Talsi P. Parbadia - Quality is no good. My passenger side front seat was crinkling at ...

    Quality is no good. My passenger side front seat was crinkling at only 12K miles, I took back to dealership, they repaired it. Same problem again at 71K miles. Rusting front right door frame. I am buying again this car.