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  • Amazon Customer - I absolutely LOVE this treadmill!!!

    I absolutely LOVE this treadmill. It is "very" quiet as mentioned in reviews. It is a tad heavier than I anticipated but each time I move it, it becomes easier. Muscle building! I am working my way to a healthier me and it feels great. I have a lot more energy and it is surprisingly easy to type and talk on the phone etc. The thing I found funny is dialing the phone - that is a little trickier. Worth every penny!

  • Robert Joseph Kellingsworth - Dont smoke the day of....

    I can't say weather or not it works if you follow the instructions, but I can say if you smoke, take the extra clean, & test the same day, YOU WILL FAIL! (test positive)

  • LJ Ridley - Great program for designers on the go who don’t want to rethink how to manipulate the CAD software each time they use it.

    Excellent program for the price. Many tutorials also. Great for designers who want a program that is fairly easy to use. Parametric walls and cabinetry save time. This program automatically changes from 2d layouts to 3d perspective/orthographic drawings that can be “walked through” for client presentations. It comes auto-populated with a good 3d library which can be expanded and customized as you use it. Another time saver is that the layers are already in place so you don’t have to create or think about what layer an item should be on. This program will automatically generate elevations, cross-sections, schedules, square footage, material lists, etc. etc. Layouts can be done for a complete set of construction drawings that can be printed on standard copy paper 8.5x11 to a maximum 18x24 (or24x36??) size. This program also does photo realistic renderings and has import/export capability.

  • Alexander R Bandar - This filament keeps us printing!

    We can't speak highly enough of IC3D's filament, as well as their printers. We have one at the Columbus Idea Foundry, and use it daily. (In fact, IC3D printed a special bracket on the machine in the shape of our company logo - a great surprise to us when they delivered it!) The printer worked out of the box the day we bought it, and the few questions we have had since we've started using it (mainly to do with software settings) were addressed nearly instantly by their support staff. This filament keeps us printing!

  • whit - works great as of now

    works great as of now,, easy to install, the instructions were kind of crap, but they do work. Dont listen to the reset button instructions not sure what that was about if you have a 15 + zx 6r it fits and works great right out of the box !! its brite and flashes signals like its supposed to highly recommend it !!


    The device is very nice and comfortable. It is also durable and you can barely feel it on. It is accurate and it syncs well with its application. Where the FitBit fails is not the device but the company. Held as innovators they have recently shown they are not insync with their customer base. The Fitbit application DOES NOT support the apple Healthkit in iOS8 and they do not have plans to do so. this is huge draw back for Apple users. It does not stop there I am sure they will not interface with google health either given time. So disappointing.