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  • bodenmama4 - A little challenging for little hands

    I originally purchased these for my twin 4 year old sons to use at their big brother's Nerf birthday party. They were very excited about them, and I like the overall design and the fact that there are only three darts for them to worry about (read: shoot at me at one time. I can easily retaliate before they have time to reload). The only bummer was, the way you have to pull down on the bottom of the gun to prime it, was a little difficult for them. They aren't wimpy little guys either, but it required a little more strength and grasping ability than they possessed. As we have had them a little longer, they are getting more adept at using them, one of them managed to sneak up on their big brother last week, which they were fairly excited about. These guns have been left outside for days on end, and so far still work just fine. My husband just found one hidden in the weeds he was weed eating, and with the exception of fading from the sun, it still worked. Some of the other, more expensive guns we have had in the past warped from the sun and wouldn't shoot properly. All in all, I think these are a great little toy for the younger crowd, just be forewarned you may be asked repeatedly to help them at first.

  • Victoria Sappington - Excited to continue tracking results

    I received this product for free on the terms that I review it honestly. The shipping was very quick and arrived four days before it said it would. Everything arrived in good condition and the packaging is nice. Reading that the bottle is only 1oz was one thing but seeing the tiny bottle made me a bit nervous at first. However, the cream is a lot like lotion so you do not need a lot of it to get a wide coverage of the scarred area. I have several areas on my body that are affected by stretch marks and additionally I have acne scarring on my face. I used the cream on both of these because it says it can be used for both. Again the consistency is a lot like lotion and it smells almost like mint and tea tree oil mixed. I have currently only used it about a week, once a day. The bottle recommends twice a day but I tend to forget in the morning to put it on. I do not think it has effected my acne scarring much but I also have been breaking out around some of those areas so this could be effecting my results. My stretch marks seam a little less pink but I feel it is a little too early to tell a whole lot yet. I plan to update this review as I see more results. The ingredients definitely contain several products that reduce stretch marks and scarring such as vitamin e and tea tree oil, so I am hopeful that I will continue to see some changes!

  • jamie - Extreme break through bleeding

    Please be cautious! I lost weight on these, but it wrecked my period. Every time I took one I would have breakthrough bleeding and bled for a week. I believe its the garcinia cambogia.