Process Improvement Training | Process Improvement Certification | BPM Training - Rummler-Brache's unique, powerful Process Improvement Certification Training sharpens management's peripheral vision. It shows professionals how to view their companies through a wide lens that cuts west to east across functional boundaries.

  • Rummler-Brache Group | Process Improvement | Rummler and Brache - Our methodology was so embraced by readers that Rummler and Brache became the godfathers of process improvement. They helped spawn a cottage industry of BPM analysts, software vendors, consultants, authors, and conferences.
  • BPM Consulting | BPM Consultants | Process Improvement Consultants - The greatest opportunities for performance improvement often lie in the functional interfaces—those points at which the baton is being passed from one department to another.
  • BPM Tools | Process Improvement Tools | Toolkit - More than 15 free BPM tools to help you analyze the "IS" process and redesign the "SHOULD" process using the proven Rummler-Brache methodology.
  • BPM Methodology | Process Improvement Methodology - The Rummler-Brache approach is straightforward. Not over-engineered. We have perfected the “process” of process redesign by making it easy to learn and do.
  • Process Improvement Tools | Templates | Examples - Tools, templates, and examples included in the software designed for process improvement project leaders and their teams.
  • Alan Brache | Improving Performance | Geary Rummler - Alan P. Brache is co-founder of The Rummler-Brache Group and co-author of Improving Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart.
  • Geary Rummler | Improving Performance | White Space - Geary A. Rummler was co-founder of The Rummler-Brache Group (RBG) and co-author of Improving Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart.  
  • Clients | Rummler-Brache Group Services - More than 1,300 organizations have benefited from the services of the Rummler-Brache Group. The list includes some of the world's largest companies well as innovative and forward-thinking government agencies.
  • Phase 5: Managing the Organization as an Adaptive System | -   The input to Phase 5 is either a performance improvement plan or an optimized process. Phase 5 deals with the question, “How do you manage the whole organization to take maximum advantage of what you have achieved process-by-process?” Without an effort to tie processes together, process tunnels can quickly replace function silos. During Phase 5:
  • Phase 0: Performance Planning | -   In Phase 0: Performance Improvement Planning, the following activities are completed: Construct a Supersystem Map to: Validate and clarify the business strategy so it can be linked to performance. Questions concerning strategy include: Is it current? appropriate? specific? well understood? Identify your critical success factors (CSFs)—things central for success in your specific line of business. 
  • Phase 4: Performance Management | -   Process improvement projects are important and help solve critical business issues. However, world-class process performance is achieved through continuous improvement, and not just by fixing processes that periodically break down.  In Phase 4: Process Management, the individual process is managed for optimal performance on a continuing basis. The input to Phase 4 is an improved process from Phase 3 or a healthy process from Phase 0 (a process that does not require major improvement right now, but requires management attention to remain healthy).
  • Project Definition | -   If the Performance Improvement Planning phase determined the need for one or more process improvement projects, the first step is to make sure you clarify the scope of the work ahead. Since you probably don’t want to shut down the business to overhaul everything at once, and since resources always are limited, the first challenge is to set priorities—determine which processes to improve and in what sequence. As part of Phase 1: Process Improvement Project Definition:
  • Phase 2: "IS" Analysis & "SHOULD" Design | -   The inputs from Phase 1--Process Improvement Project Definition include a Project Definition Worksheet describing project goals, roles, and boundaries. Phase 2 includes the following steps: Document and validate the “Is” process to confirm that it accurately represents the work as it is performed today. Identify disconnects in the "Is" process
  • Phase 3: Implementation & Change Management | -   The inputs for Phase 3--Managing Implementation and Change include the “Should” process, recommendations, and an implementation strategy. Phase 3--Managing Implementation and Change overlaps with Phase 2--Process Analysis and Design. This overlap involves specific implementation actions that will influence the “Should” process design. During Phase 3: Determine implementation team structure—identify cross-functional team members and leaders.

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