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  • VC Funding: The Key Enabler For Biotech Start-ups? - The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry has evolved significantly over the last several years. The growth has been led not just by established firms but also by start-ups which have shown the courage to invest a significant amount of their
  • Pharma Landscape: Mapping the Research Focus - The pharmaceutical industry has witnessed many developments over the last decade. International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) has predicted that the pharmaceutical industry will reach approximately USD 1,200
  • Oral Biologics: A Boon to Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 1.4 million people in the US are suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). It significantly affects the gastrointestinal tract; under the IBD umbrella, the two most
  • The Hype and Hope of Anti-β-Alzheimer Therapies - In August 2012, Bapineuzumab was added to the list of Alzheimer’s drugs which have failed in clinical development. A monoclonal antibody to β-amyloid, the drug was in phase III clinical trials for the treatment of patients with
  • ADCs: Prepare for a Meteoric Growth - Antibody Drug Conjugates are a new class of biologic therapeutics. The market is still in infancy and, currently, there are only two marketed ADC drugs. However, the pipeline is rich and the market is expected to pick up pace with the launch of

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  • Brian Testa - Disappointed with this product

    Poor Product as it did not cover as advertised. The unit clogged with very little spread mix came out. And in the end, the spots that did get the seed mix did not grow. Very disappointed and would not recommend anyone spending the money on this product.

  • DataDoll - Lousy suction and overpriced

    I was so excited about this vacuum after seeing the fancy commercials. I read the negative reviews but decided that since I have only two carpeted rooms (others are hardwood and tile) the short battery life wouldn't matter. To my disappointment, the vacuum didn't even clean the two rooms of Berber carpet and the area rugs. It spits fibers right back out and yes, after repeated roll overs trying to pick up what was spit back out, the battery goes dead. What a rip-off, I'm taking it back to Best Buy today for a full refund. Maybe I bought a lemon and I'm tempted to buy another one because it's lightweight and I like the design. I don't know yet, but this one is going back.

  • Faith - Great , but why do I need a whole toolbar taking up space at the top of my computer?

    I don't really don't think too much about my computer security-except the obvious things. Because Webroot does the work for me. If I click onto a "questionable" website, it won't allow it, unless I override it.

  • Lacey - ... seen results in my forehead where I have a fine line/expression line

    After just a week I have seen results in my forehead where I have a fine line/expression line. The bottle isn't big and therefore it may seem pricy to some, but it's definitely cheaper than what your dermatologist will charge... Trust me! This didn't break me out, but it did take a few weeks for my skin to adjust. At first it was a little red/burned. That's normal when using retinal for the first time. I simply put this on every other day and then put my usual night cream on top.