Private hospitals in Hertfordshire | Rivers Hospital - Rivers Hospital, Hertfordshire is part of Ramsay's network of hospitals, offers a wide range of healthcare treatments including hip and knee replacement surgery, breast enlargement, cataract surgery, MRI and CT scanning and physiotherapy.

  • Cancer services - At Rivers Hospital we can care for patients from rapid diagnosis of cancer through to surgical treatment or chemotherapy and ongoing support.
  • Cosmetic Surgery - Cosmetic Surgery at Rivers Hospital, services include breast enlargement, tummy tuck, facelift, nose surgery. Please call 01279 602 644 for more information.
  • Heel Pain Clinic - Heel Pain Clinic services at Rivers Hospital. Contact the hospital on 01279 602 644 for more information.
  • Skin lesions - At Rivers we offer a range of dermatology and cosmetic treatments to remove various skin lesions including cysts, warts, skin tags and benign lumps.

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  • bonnie - Not sure about this shampoo...

    I was using another more expensive shampoo for my dogs bad skin (if not taken care of with a medicated shampoo). So, I decided to try this product and perhaps save some money. However, after a couple of months I noticed the hair on my dog doesn't seem as full and she seems to have less. Now, mind you, I do not know if this product is helping my dog lose the hair or she is losing it anyway but to be safe I have switched back to the more expensive shampoo now. I'll see what happens and if she stops looking like she is losing hair. I have a Shit Tzu. Their hair is the great thing about these little guys.

  • Zoemondo - It was fun while it lasted.

    This was a decent for the 3 days it lasted. I spent around 14 hours getting it all setup. During that time it did seem to have wifi issues often enough to be annoying. Embedded video in Facebook was start/stop/buffer like I was on old school internet (which I'm not). Netflix wouldn't stream in HD. I was NOT trying to connect to Bluetooth and wifi at the same time which is what Lenovo's answer is when you ask them about it. Still, It would have worked fine for what I needed it for. BUT when I applied Lenovo's BIOS update it ran fine, told me to press any key to restart the system and I did. Unfortunately, that was the end of it. It would never turn on after that.

  • bndmontana - Do not get hooked in with the "free sample"

    This cream is very expensive and after nearly a month of using it as directed, I saw very little improvement, certainly nothing like the facelift results that the company proclaims. The free sample they send is a 2.54oz sample but if you do not return it by the end of the month, you will be charged $189. The return time is not sufficient for you to use the product for the full 30 days and then return if you do not think it worked. If you do a search on this product to find out if it is a scam, you will just get more ads for a free sample, any search with "lifecell" in it will be redirected to a site for a free sample, there are many many of these sites. The way they make their money is by sending the sample and then collecting on those who do not return it in time. Do not get hooked in, there is nothing free in life.