Reddam Pharmacy - Reddam pharmacy and digital solutions is situated in Steenberg Village centre nestled just below elephant’s eye in Steenberg at the end of the Constantia Valley wine route. We are a young but well established pharmacy, with our main aim and focus always being personalised service delivery.We have in this time managed to develop great relationships with all our patients and clientele and continue to strive to satisfy all there health and some lifestyle needs.Reddam Pharmacy is an independent family pharmacy and has recently joined the link group of pharmacies , in this way we are still , independently run but are able to provide our clients with a whole new array of services and products at competitive prices

  • Visa/Green Card Photos - Order now - Reddam Pharmacy offers a quick and reliable service with secure and discreet payment options
  • US Visa Photo-Specification and size of Digital Photo - Photographer: Stand about 2 METRES away from the subject. Capture the subject from THE CHEST and leave space above the headShadows: ensure the subject stands one METER away from the background to avoid shadowsExpression: make sure the subject has a neutral expression with no teeth showingGlasses: remove to avoid hiding the eyesEyes: make sure no red eye in your photos Background Color: white THE EARS MUST BE CLEARLY VISIBLE
  • US Visa Photo General Information - You now need to supply a Digital photo for your US Visa Application (as well as the standard printed US ViSa 50 x 50 photo in some cases) . See the specifications, size and dimensions detailed below. Our digital photo department is one of the very few places around who have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to produce digital photos to such stringent requirements. Come and visit Reddam Pharmacy for you American Visa and Passport Photo Requirements

    Country:, Africa, ZA

    City: 24 , South Africa

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