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  • Teddysan - Inconsistant skin tone sensor is a deal killer

    I am an Asian girl with light-medium skin tone and pitch dark hair. The skin tone sensor on the machine is VERY INCONSISTENT. Sadly I've ran into the scenario many times that the machine would do one side of underarm but would not do the other. I wouldn't say that I qualified as a pale candidate, but I'm certainly not tan by any means, not under my armpit! Same thing also happened with leg, which the machine did part of my leg and refuses to do the rest. Very frustrating! I have yet to experience per mantle hair removal like the others talked about, but the hair does grow back slower. The machine is very handy and easy to use, only if the skin tone sensor could be more consistent..

  • Pennie - Hope in a Jar - love it!

    I started buying this product after I saw it on Oprah's favorite things. It is great! It is really light on the skin. I have oily skin and a lot of creams and moisturizers make me break out. This never does. It make my face feel soft and subtle. It's great when you fly when traveling, too, because you can apply it and not feel like you have anything on except fresh skin! I am not often satisfied with skin care products and switch around a lot. But I have used this every day for at least 2 years and always make sure I have an extra. It lives up to it's name!

  • Michael Schoene - Awsome...there is nothing else to say

    If you read one book in your life make it this book. This is one of the best balanced books that I have ever read. Simply put the story is about Shackleton's attempt to be the first person to cross the Antarctic continent by passing streight across the South Pole. The story talks about everything from the planning of this expadition to the official ending of the project. What these men faced inbetween could have never been planned for, so they needed to depend on their smarts and their shear will to survive. Never before have I heard of men doing so much with so little. The story is truely inspirational, and Lansing tells it well. The book is full of beautiful photos taken during the expedition, so it is easy to envision the environment that these men were subjected to. The photography makes the book well worth it by itself, but the story makes the book a treasure. I highly recomend this book to anyone that can read.

  • Bill K - Great Read Again This Year

    Again this year, a must-read for dedicated Longhorn Football fans. Pulls no punches. Excellent insights, and a lot of good humor to top it off! Hook 'Em!!!

  • tanya koller - my bad. it's only $10 more for state but $39

    the deluxe federal and state is what i buy every year. Accidentally bought this when the search engine refreshed with this version. my bad. it's only $10 more for state but $39.99 if you buy inside the program. Total fail all over. That is what I get for buying at 3 in the morning.

  • Win2000 - Doesn't Work With My Two Speed AC

    I ordered this from Amazon with the anticipation of easily hooking it up...unfortunately, it doesn't work with my dual speed air conditioner. Spoke to the company and they said maybe in the near future they would make some changes so it will work. I would think that a company that puts themselves out there as very up to date on the technology would have a thermostat that would work on all kinds of AC handlers. Another company, Ecobee, has a smart WI-FI thermostat that can be connected to a two stage handler such as mine---if they can make one work that way I don't understand why NEST can't. Anyway, as far as coolness, the NEST is much cooler looking. For not being up to date on this technology, I give the product only 2 stars.

  • Shaker Guy - A major improvement in home WiFi delivery! [No perk for writing this!]

    I pre-ordered this after I read the reviews and could not be happier! I got it today and compared to installing routers before (last one a NetGear Nighthawk) this was a piece of cake. Only thing they didn't tell me was that I couldn't be taking a feed off of my cable modem box for the old Nighthawk and do Orbi at the same time. I suspect if I want, I can run the Nighthawk off of the Ethernet outputs on the Orbi if I want (not sure what for, however). I will say it projects its signal down better than it does laterally (as on the same floor where you have the satellite positioned). This is a major improvement in WiFi and hope I continue to be as happy as I am now. [Fastest, easiest install ever, but no phone number I could find if you needed help).