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  • Tomvader - This fit the delta bassinet, but it's a cheap ...

    This fit the delta bassinet, but it's a cheap fabric and it shrunk, so the fit is very tight, but it will lay flat if you push it down, and the bassinet doesn't come with spares, nor have i found a place to buy a new one meant for it from them, so it works for what i need.

  • Eugenia - Intense moisturizing mask for hair

    I have used Pura D'Or oils before. I always used their carrier oil and my favorite is their argan oil. When I saw this new product for hair, I was very excited. First of all, packaging is very unique. This ne long vertical box contains 10 individually packaged hair masks. Each package contains the packet for the hair (the mask) and individually enclosed hair cap. The packed for the mask is a very generous size. If one is a person with a very, very long hair, one can use the entire package. People with medium (shoulder length hair could use 1/2 packet). Any person with a very short hair could use this one packet 3-4 times before they are done. Instructions recommend using this hair mask 2 times a week.

  • Randy Smith - Solid product

    I've used Tax Cut (or Block At Home) for the past few years. (I switched away from Turbo Tax when Intuit had their ill-advised anti-piracy copy protection craziness.)