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  • R. Ball - HookBooks 2016

    QuickBooks has a monopoly on small business software that links to online banking. Not only do I have to pay a monthly fee to my bank to download transactions, every few years, I'm forced to upgrade to their latest version which typically just has some minor changes. I have QuickBooks 2014 and now Intuit says that it's not compatible to Windows 10. Of course, they want to force us to upgrade to QuickBooks 2016. Outrageous! For me, Intuit is really good at finding ways to alienate customers and create buyer resentment. They don't seem to understand that it's all about building positive long-term customer relationships. They need some real competition.

  • dolores - don't like spiders. big

    don't like spiders. big, small, indifferent. ....this is great because its also for indoor use. yes its a potent chemical, i'm sure...but you know what.. sprayed around the perimeter of the out side and did a huge indoor spray removing items from perimeters against walls, inside closets, under bed, and all creepy dark places..

  • Pamela L. Schubert - Badfinger; cool group with cool songs! I love them all!

    Great Memories from when I was a teen, and so excited that the best tv drama series ever picked it for it's final show! I love it, I am from the best generation!!! I have always loved Badfinger and have their music on my computer! (used to have vinyl albums, of course), but times have changed!

  • Swanorchid - Would not recommend

    I would not recommend this product line, very expensive, does not deliver what the sales people say about the product, worst experience ever with their products!!!

  • Anne T. Stefanoski - aveda

    Exactly what I wanted. The package arrived on time and the product is as I expected it to be. Thanks.