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  • Paula Usrey - Not my first choice

    We had virus problems even with this product. Staples removed it and downloaded a different product they said would be more effective. I believe we had over 100 viruses that needed to be cleaned out even though we had Norton.

  • Melina - Thanks

    Started my morning shakes, so far this has been the only product I have enjoyed to help me shed the pounds

  • Josh - Wii-U version is superior

    It's a great game as for being on a gaming handheld device, but it's obvious that the Wii-U version was catered to above this one. The 3DS is capable of doing great things but maybe if this came out a bit later it could have shown that. It still was enjoyable for all ages even as a grown man. I took me roughly 16 hours to beat and didn't get all the secrets. I reccommend this to anybody that wants to start building a 3DS game library and then want to move on to bigger and better games. It doesn't cost much either.