HOW I CURED BACTERIAL PROSTATITIS - Prostatitis victim's story on finding a cure and long standing relief from bacterial and secondary hypogonadism.

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  • A. Gooch - It Really Works!

    I watched videos of the "right" way to clean a roof and I did not have high hopes for this stuff. I bought it because I REALLY wanted it to work. My white shingled roof was turning black after just a year since being replaced and I did not want to have to pressure wash it.

  • gamer - This actually works

    So I was skeptical of this product because I saw plenty of 5 star reviews and plenty 1 star reviews, after a few days of contemplating and not wanting to spend $40 plus dollars on similar products, I took the chance on it and must say I am satisfied that it actually works. I have 8 tattoos and most of them are big, after sitting through hours of pain I was looking for something that took the edge off. I got my tattoo done Aug 6, 2016 on my forearm. I did what the instructions said do and left the stuff on for an hr with plastic wrap on it. It actually was on for a little bit longer than that because of the wait at the shop for them having to draw it up and what not. When the artist put that needle to my arm, I was like wow it actually does work. There were actual parts of my arm that I literally did not feel the needle. Now you will still feel the needle but on a scale of 1-10, I would give the pain a 3 which is very bearable. I must say you definitely know when the product wears off because then the pain shoots up to about 7-7.5. The product lasted for about 1 hour and a half but it would have been closer to three hours if they didn't have to draw the tattoo up and having to wait for them to finish another tattoo on someone else. I highly recommend this product, I will be using it again whenever I decide to get my half sleeve finished.

  • Trucking Nina - Great feeling oil for scars, acne and daily moisturizing

    Love love love this oil. Originally bought for stretch marks. The look and feel of my skin was so great that two other family members are using it. One for old acne scars and the other family member as a daily moisturizer.

  • Hank Hancock - A lot less expensive than what you'll pay in the grocery store for the exact same plates.

    The price is considerably lower as compared to buying from the local grocery store. I took one star off because apparently the boxing machine was out of adjustment and crushed two of the ten packages of plates when shoving them into the box. This was clearly not an issue with Amazon's packaging as the plates were crushed (folded in half) inside the Dixie's box. The box was not damaged in shipping.

  • Jackson - DOES NOT WORK!!

    I have been taking this product for 6 mos. and saw no results just more hair loss. Don't bother. All the results an their website have to be scams.

  • D. Gilbert - It seemed like I was wasting some of the product and was ...

    Seems to be working already. I have only been using this product about a week (morning & night) and I think I am seeing an improvement. I will continue to use this and hopefully, it will clear up the problem I have with some of my toenails. I did follow the directions by using the tip of the bottle to apply and then go under the toenail and on top of the toenail. It seemed like I was wasting some of the product and was not sure I was getting it totally covered. Since it says it can be used on fingernails I decided to just put it on the tip of my finger and then rub it thoroughly on the areas that need it on my toes. It also dries more quickly when it is not put on and rubbed around using the tip on the bottle. I have a little more control and can make sure the entire area is covered evenly. I also did what another reviewer suggested and have filed the toenails a little every couple of days before applying the gel.

  • busy mom - only thing that has worked for me - ever!

    I never diet and never buy weight loss books. A friend told me about this book so I bought it and I love it! It seems more like a cook book than a diet book and the recipes are so easy to do and the food is great. I feel really healthy (more energy for sure) and I am definitely losing baby weight around my middle. It is so easy to use too because I just leave it out on the kitchen counter and get meal planning ideas. It is all recipes we already like to eat but without the bad stuff.