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  • Amazon Customer - Decent product that works well.

    I don't tend to spend a lot of money on face creams or lotions, so to me it was a little expensive, although it seems the price has gone down on Amazon since I purchased this item. Overall I think it worked well on my wrinkles, I am not sure that I noticed a huge difference on the lines around my eyes, but it definitely worked to get rid of a deep line between my eyebrows. You do have to use it regularly, especially at first, but I have cut back to a few times a week and the deep line is still barely visible. The smell is OK to me, not too overwhelming, but there is a tingling sensation when I first put the cream on. I would recommend this to someone to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Earline Schuppe - Just ok

    So far I find the recipes are not the type my family would enjoy. Pictures are good and recipes easy to understand.

  • Paula C. Dirkes - You must know what you're looking for to find it!

    I've been using this book on & off for 16 years and have recommended it to everyone that is facing a career change. There is no better book to guide you through the process of defining exactly what you want, where it is and how you're going to get the interview and the job. YES it requires work on your part - but if you end up in a job that you love and get paid a great salary, isn't it worth it? You have to know what you like -inside and out - to be able to recognize it when you're looking for work. If you don't know what it is, you'll keep stumbling around and probably remain frustrated and confused. Take some time and do it the right way - buy Parachute and get busy!

  • janicella57 - only option for a river knife

    If you want a knife that attaches to your PFD then NRS is your only option. It has a good design and works well but the quality of the blade is definitely lacking. My brother is a raft guide and has the same one and loves it. If you are looking for higher quality maybe try the titanium one.

  • Michael Shienkaruk - Great for a small application such as residential or a 1 camera install.

    Great buy for a small office solution or a home application. I still speak with the client monthly and this product is holding up strong!!

  • Aaron - Enlightening book

    I picked up this book in a health food store. My mother has cancer so I thought it would be appropriate to read and potentially buy for her. After reading the first few pages I knew I needed to read the rest of the book, and not just for her but for myself. I learned so much about the design of the body and how it all fits together as a whole. This book is not just for those with cancer, but for those who don't want to get cancer. If this book be true then not only is cancer treatable, but much more like the common cold than ever imagined. A strong immune system will defeat a common cold quickly, and likewise a strong immune system will defeat cancer before you even know you have it.

  • Amber - It makes a difference

    I think this stuff does a good job at keeping dry ends away as my hair is normally dryer than it is now. Of course I still have dry ends and split ends, but I think it was worse before I started using this every time after I shampoo (every couple/few days).